October 16, 2022

Celebrating the come-back at SIAL Paris 2022 inauguration

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Nicolas Trentesaux, CEO, SIAL Network, Jean-Philippe André, President of the ANIA and many foreign dignitaries

Not only was it an opportunity to celebrate the return of the show, but also the resilience and creativity of the agri-food industry.

“At last, here we are! How far we have come since the last edition in 2018 !” The introductory words of Nicolas Trentesaux, CEO, SIAL Network, set the tone for this 2022 edition. SIAL Paris 2022 was always going to be special, given the show is returning after a four year hiatus. “They were so many obstacles along the way. You can either see these obstacles as walls or bridges. We effectively turned them into bridges that we are building together”, explains Trentesaux. The SIAL team is very pleased to announce that the 2022 edition is back stronger than ever. “We took up the challenge. With over 7,000 companies exhibiting, we have reached our 2018 size once again”, added Mr Trentesaux.

The trade show is where the world of agro-food comes together to address the challenges of today and tomorrow. “Covid acted as a trend accelerator which is fully reflected in our tagline “Own the change”. The global food challenge is to feed 10 billion people by 2040, but with quality and in a responsible way which addresses environmental and social issues, while guaranteeing its affordability. Without forgetting the pleasure of eating. I hope that our visitors will be amazed by their discovery at SIAL,” said Trentesaux.

For Jean-Philippe André, President of ANIA, (Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires/National Association of Food Industries) there is a common point between France and the rest of the world. “Many ask themselves if our sector makes sense these days. I would say yes! We feed the world and that is fundamental. But I need to complete my sentence. We effectively feed the world, but we feed it by providing a sense of pleasure”, he explained. For André, innovation is the main driver of that duty. “French food producers put on the market each year 3,000 new products. It is like replacing the entire supply of a supermarket every five years with healthier products,” he explained.

While celebrating the return of SIAL, Mr André wants the agro-food sector to be more export-oriented. “We currently are the fifth largest food exporter in the world. But we used to be number one. SME in the food sector represent just 20% of our exports. This must change, and I call upon the government to leverage its economic might and launch a “Year of Exports”. Especially as we have “Taste France”, a brand celebrating our excellence,” he said.

For Marc Fesneau, France’s minister of Agriculture and Food sovereignty, SIAL Paris 2022 strikes a positive note due to its comeback. “Although the world is currently in a challenging situation as it is confronted with energy, climate and geo-political issues, I feel that SIAL is bustling with ideas and creativity. It is the right place to discuss, debate and envision how our food sector will look tomorrow,” said the Minister.

“It is also the place where we can talk about a subject that French people are particularly fond of – food.” The minister praised the agro-food sector as a driver for French agriculture itself. “They are a catalyst of growth for the different branches that shape our agricultural world”, said Mr Fesneau.

The minister said the trade show was the place where French agri-food businesses can become an active player for change. “We all need to unite to speak with one voice towards the goal of food sovereignty. Mastering our own destiny is the way to reach food sovereignty. However we must build it while keeping in mind, that it must remain open to the world. Rather than being a synonym for a retreat, it must be a synonym for recapturing markets, ” Mr Fesneau added.

The Minister continued saying that France retains many assets in its food business. French gastronomy, French food know-how and the wide variety of terroirs contribute to an image of excellence combined with the celebrated art de vivre.

Producing more but better is the pathway to conquering new markets. SIAL Paris 2022 is part of this “food diplomacy” and the French government will play its role to boost French food exports, concluded Marc Fesneau.

The Taste France banner rises high above SIAL Paris 2022

For SIAL Paris 2022, the get-together for everyone in the international agri-food sector, the National Association of Food Industries (ANIA), Business France and La Coopération Agricole have decided to unite. They offer a broad, unified representation of French food businesses under the Taste France banner.

Launched in 2020 at the request of French President Emmanuel Macron, Taste France has become the face of French agricultural and agri-food products for foreign customers around the world. The brand, which represents French art de vivre across the globe, conveys the full range of advantages of France’s culinary heritage: tremendous know-how in agriculture, agri-food and gastronomy; high health, safety and environmental standards, and innovation. The banner stands high in Hall 5.