October 17, 2022

Dried capsicum exporter S&M Foods branches out with avocados

The Peruvian agro-exporter has its own fields allowing it to supply and satisfy the demand of its more than 130 clients worldwide

S&M Foods is a leading exporter of dry capsicums with more than 25 years’ experience. At SIAL Paris 2022, it is looking to broaden its European presence and promote its fresh sector, including avocados and chilli pastes.

For the 9th consecutive year, the agro-exporter has been named the leading company in its field – Dried capsicum exports – in Peru. It is also very well versed in the commercialisation of agricultural foods and contributes to the economic development of its country.

Speaking from his stand in Hall 4, CEO and general manager Alberto Santiago comments: “We would like to form more partnerships, increase our presence in the European market, and promote our avocados. We have been planting the fruit for four years and recognise it is a growing market. We are also promoting our chilli sauces and pastes, which is something our clients had been asking us to create for some time.”

S&M Foods aims to provide Peruvian products of the best quality to the most competitive destinations worldwide, with a special focus on offering the best service to its customers. The company covers different lines of agricultural products, mainly dried capsicums, followed by its lines of beans, Andean grains and fresh fruits.

Mr Santiago said the firm is also recognised for the traceability of its products, which allows it to position itself as a leading exporter. Commercial manager Alejandra Santiago further explained how the company, which exports both Mexican and Peruvian capsicums, is looking to export more of its native crops – yellow and panca chillies.

Operations at S&M Foods first began in 2008 with the production, storage and exportation of peppers, grains and other agro-exportable products sold to companies overseas. Now, its varied portfolio includes Andean grains, legumes, spices, fresh fruits and its signature dried capsicums, plus Napuri garlic, Hazz avocado, black eyed peas and white quinoa.

The company’s renowned capsicums include paprika pepper, width chilli, guajillo pepper, pasilla chilli, panca chilli, yellow chilli, stemless paprika, stemless guajillo, paprika flakes, paprika powder, guajillo powder and ancho chilli powder.

Products are sourced in the family’s own fields, where they follow production chains with farmers and farmers’ associations in order to meet client demands. “Our continuous process of improvement makes us one of the leading agribusiness in Peru,” Mr Santiago added.

Hall 4, Stand MN148