October 26, 2022

“The best of the egg” presented at SIAL Paris 2022 

French egg specialist Ovoteam presented its broad range of egg-based products, including L’œuf Confit Plein Air, to partners and partners-to-be. 

Ovoteam is a French company specialising in “the best of the egg,” with egg-based products for professionals in the food industry and catering. The company has been in business since 1963, with a long history of developing egg-based products for France and international markets. Ovoteam offers its customers three core guarantees. The first, food safety, is ensured through a microbiology lab dedicated to quality testing, research and development. The company also promotes product innovation, specifically through market research from its R&D team that works closely with experts to “[place] innovation at the heart of its developments.” The third value, practicality and quality, refers to the time-saving product lines the company has worked on for nearly 60 years.  

One standout product is L’œuf Confit Plein Air (candied egg in the open air), which the company claims is an exclusive for catering professionals. The product is made with eggs from free range hens, with a taste and texture that puts it among the most relevant restaurant trends. This offering is marketed for the “fast casual” market, which includes salads, sandwiches, burgers and poke bowls. The product comes ready-to-use, packaged in trays of eight which makes it adaptable and easy-to-use. Furthermore, L’œuf Confit Plein Air can be eaten hot or cold. Ovoteam states that as the product is cooked sous vide (under vacuum), there is guaranteed food safety regarding bacteria. Additionally, the product is prepared with no use of brine or preservatives.