October 12, 2022

SIAL Paris 2022 has all tools and ingredients needed for Top Buyers to do business

The trade show’s VIP Top Buyer scheme ensures buyers from around the world are at the right place at the right time

Jean-Gabriel Mollard, Global Marketing & Communication Director, SIAL Network, explains how the scheme gives buyers a front row seat to the trade show.

Why do buyers from around the world come to SIAL Paris?
First of all they are coming for business – top buyers, the biggest at the show, are here to find the best products for their industry, whether they are retailers, importers or wholesalers. I think they come to SIAL Paris 2022 because it is a hub. It is where they can find the biggest amount of products in the same place at the same time. There are over 400,000 products being presented at SIAL Paris – that’s huge. Obviously, they might be able to find these online, but there is a big difference, especially when you are talking about food, when you can see, test, manipulate the product, and meet the people who are producing them. We evaluate that attending SIAL Paris for five days is like having six months worth of meetings.

How do you create the perfect conditions for business to take place?
We do this through several channels. First of all, we strive to have the best offer possible. The widest offer, with 127 countries in attendance this year – eight more than the last edition. Secondly, we provide buyers with the tools they need to prepare their visit. There are logistics tools which we provide through partnerships with our service providers, including hotels and transportation deals. We also have a range of digital tools like CXMP, a market place, which buyers can use to look up exhibitors and learn about their products in detail. You can even plan your meetings on the platform. Visitors will always have a better show if they are prepared.

… attending SIAL Paris for five days is like having six months worth of meetings.

One of the ways you are encouraging business is through the VIP Top Buyer Scheme. Can you tell more about this service?
There are two key criteria for being a top buyer. First, they are visitors who have the ability to to purchase goods on behalf of their company. Second, they have a certain amount of turnover a year. Basically they are the biggest buyers at the show and this comes with certain advantages.

What are the advantages of being part of the VIP Top Buyer Scheme?
First of all, they are treated as VIPs and have access to the VIP Buyers Club, where they can rest and enjoy some food and a drink or a light massage. The club is also fully equipped for work, with personal meeting rooms available. They also have their own dedicated lane for entering the show and can do so one hour before regular visitors. This ensures they will be among the first on the show floor when the gates open. They also have access to their own dedicated lounge – not just the VIP lounge. This is purely reserved for Top Buyers who can bring people in to conduct meetings. They have access as well to private tools, such as touring the trade show with a private guide who can provide key insights about various topics.

Can you tell us about your special concierge service?
The concierge service helps top buyers in two distinct ways. On the one hand, in a logistical way, where they can contact a dedicated email and phone number about virtually anything from flight bookings and reserving a restaurant to hotel bookings and dry cleaning services. We also accompany them with their networking, providing them with interactive maps and helping them schedule meetings with exhibitors of interest.

Photo: Jean-Gabriel Mollard, Global Marketing & Communication Director, SIAL Network. ©Loran Dherines