October 26, 2022

A triple revolution in vacuum packing?

Biotyfood gave visitors a preview of what it describes as the “first zero plastic vacuum packaging machine” at SIAL Paris 2022. 

The French start-up has made fighting food waste its mission, offering forward-thinking products within the food preservation industry. Visitors at SIAL Paris 2022 were given a preview of the company’s latest product offering, ahead of its launch in December 2022. 

This innovation from Biotyfood promises to be a “triple revolution” in the world of vacuum packing and food preservation. The product, which launches in December 2022, firstly acts as a powerful and modular machine, with three vacuum levels that “respects the nature of the food.” Furthermore, the product is a collection of borosilicate glass preservation boxes, which notably do not feature plastic. Additionally, the packaging works with an anti-waste assistance application, BiotyConnect, which can help users set storage times. 

To start the storage process, users simply press on the lid of the boxes, which vacuum-packs the food inside. Biotyfood says vacuum-packing food with its product can increase the food conservation time by up to a multiple of five. 

Following two years of research and development, the company has filed an international patent for its AirXtract technology, which sucks out air from the box in approximately ten seconds. A food-grade silicon tab features on the side to open the box. 

With a design that is 100% glass (with zero waste and contaminants), Biotyfood’s product is appropriate for consumers looking for reusable solutions that are reusable and environmentally-friendly too. Another draw is the product’s compact size (13.77x9x2.75 inches), which makes the box versatile and easy to store in cupboards and drawers.