October 5, 2022

TrackIT blockchain

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) recently launched a service based on blockchain, a technology that ensures the secure storage and transmission of information.

The blockchain allows companies to verify each step of their production chain and gives buyers the ability to consult traceability data of individual production batches, free of charge and at any time. It also gives consumers full transparency of the production process – by simply scanning the QR code printed on the product’s label, they can access certified information, guaranteeing its criteria and quality ​​linked to the terroir.

Looking to capitalise on the benefits of this technology, the ITA launched the TrackIT blockchain service  providing Italian companies with an instrument that allows them to securely track the different stages of production. We also offer a specialised consulting service and assume all costs related to the implementation and management of the software. More than 300 Italian companies in the agri-food sector have already adopted the TrackIT blockchain service made available by the ITA and can therefore protect their products.

Promoting the traceability of Italian products, which are often victims of counterfeits, particularly in the agri-food sector, and thus protecting and strengthening the Made in Italy brands on foreign markets, are key priorities for the ITA. Thanks to the service, we have an effective device which allows us to fight against ‘Italian sounding’, that is to say, the introduction of products on the market that ‘sound’ Italian by virtue of their brand, name or the colours of their packaging, but which ultimately are not of Italian origin. This practice is causing profound damage to the Italian agri-food system, in economic and image terms.