October 14, 2022

Grapoila is hailed a “sustainability hero” through its zero waste production

The company says it has always been its ultimate goal to produce healthy, nutritious food made with 100% natural ingredients, while leaving an ecological footprint as small as possible. It is appearing at SIAL Paris 2022 to present its premium ecological products.

Back in 2009, a student had the idea to use the abandoned pressing machine left from her father’s business in the times of the global economic crisis. The idea was to buy pomace from wineries, which is usually discarded, and instead use it for making valuable food without waste. That is how Grapoila’s story started – by producing cold-pressed grape seed oil.

Grapoila presses more than 18 kinds of grape seeds using its special pressing machines developed in-house, making further use of all the byproducts. Thanks to this technology, the seeds, which are themselves full of nutrients, are entirely processed. Grapoila produces high quality cold-pressed oils, grounds and sieves the dry byproducts, the pellets, and make seed flours from them. The pressed oils are then settled and filtered, producing thick oil muds that are used as seed butters, cosmetic muds and bases of gourmet creams and sauces.

The company pays attention to the entire sales and production process, including packaging and logistics, with an environmentally conscious approach. Raw materials are bought from domestic sources where available, while recyclable or biodegradable packaging is used. The company said it aims to continue educating people about eco-friendly living and taking care of the environment, even in urban areas. By setting a good example with its eco-conscious business model, Grapoila has vowed to encourage other SMEs to keep sustainability and the future in mind when planning and developing their businesses.

Hall 2, Stand K118
Grapoila is hailed a "sustainability hero" through its zero waste production