October 14, 2022

ASICCAZA showcases benefits of wild game meat at SIAL Paris 2022

The agency is looking to reposition wild game meat on the European market and promote its consumption.


Visitors can have a taste of wild game at the trade show while learning about its nutritional value and benefits for both rural communities and the environment.

The Interprofessional Association of Wild Game Meat (ASICCAZA) is presenting a wide range of products at SIAL Paris 2022 under a campaign titled Viande de gibier sauvage d’EuropeNature à l’état pur – European wild game meat, nature in its purest form. The campaign, backed by the European Union, is being led by ASICCAZA which represents the industry on the Spanish market.

ASICCAZA, stand G155 hall 6, is welcoming producers, key industry players and specialised press to explore “key synergies” and common interests. They are also looking to establish and leverage commercial relations to help improve the positioning of wild game meat on the European market and promote its consumption.

Those visiting the ASICCAZA stand have the opportunity to taste European wild game meat and experience its quality first hand. The meat is 100% natural and comes from free-roaming animals, fed without additives, feed or hormones. It therefore offers certain nutritional attributes including a high protein and vitamin content, low fat profile and pleasant taste.

The product also delivers a positive economic impact in rural areas, particularly as production is linked to the sustainable parameters of hunting and the conservation of habitats. During the five days of SIAL, ASICCAZA is presenting its products and their beneficial properties to all those who visit their stand.