October 14, 2022

SIAL Innovation, where visitors can decipher the food of tomorrow

The trade fair’s international observatory for food innovation will be presenting the most inspiring new products from across the world in Hall 6 later today

SIAL Paris 2022 has this year launched a new category of SIAL Innovation – the Public Prize, which will give audiences their say.

The eagerly awaited competition provides a forum for invention, transition, re-invention and decoding new concepts and trends. Some 520 products were selected among more than 1,800 applicants and submitted to a jury of experts headed by SIAL’s partner, Protéines XTC, and a Grand Jury.

This year’s winners include a wide range of food products from around the world including France, Argentina, South Korea, Italy and Thailand. Top of the list are the sector awards, with winners for dairy, seafood, frozen, and out-of-home catering products, to name but a few. The prize list is supplemented by five ‘special prizes’ – the three bronze, silver and gold SIALs, the Public Prize and the SIAL Own the Change prize, which will be revealed this afternoon. For the first time, the public also gets their say by selecting which of the category winners deserves the Public Prize.

The Grand Jury, which brings together show organisers, business leaders and journalists, looks at each of the products’ innovative qualities, even if they have not yet been finalised and are still between the testing and launch phase. They also examine what new benefits the product may bring to consumers or to the industry, such as merchandising, packaging, recipe, technology, etc. Only those considered to be the most innovative are rewarded with first prizes.

SIAL Innovation offers great visibility to winning brands and numerous contact opportunities before, during and after the show. Their products will also be highlighted across the SIAL network – Jakarta, Canada, China, USA and India, alongside the exhibitor’s contact details.

This year’s category prize winners include:

  • La Truitelle, Grand Prize Meat & Fish 
  • Leggie & Leggie Ready Meals, Grand Prize Meat & Seafood Product Substitute
  • Oliba Green Beer, Grand Prize Alcoholic Beverages
  • Taragüi​, Grand Prize Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Spoonkey, Grand Prize Savory Dry Goods
  • Terra del Tuono, Grand Prize Culinary Aids & Condiments
  • Triomphe SNAT, Grand Prize Sweet Dry
  • Make Me More, Grand Prize Fruits and Vegetables
  • Clément Faugier, Grand Prize Dairy Products & Ice Cream
  • SOON, Grand Prize Dairy Product Substitute
  • ZALG, Grand Prize Frozen Products
  • RAWGA, Grand Prize Intermediary Food Products/ Ingredients
  • Uhhmami, Grand Prize Restaurant & Catering Products
  • Roastinstep, Grand Prize Produits Equipment & Technology

Special prizes

  • Natur’Avenir, Special Prize Packaging
  • BUBBLe iT !, Special Prize Startup
  • Special Prize Own the Change, to be awarded

SIAL Innovation Grands Prix awards ceremony

This year’s SIAL Innovation Bronze, Silver and Gold prizes, as well as the “Own The Change” prize and the public’s choice award will be awarded today at a ceremony rewarding all of this season’s winners. Not to be missed!
Today, Saturday October 15th, 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. – SIAL Talks – Hall 6