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Galicia’s shimmering stand conveys image of excellence at SIAL Paris 2022

An impressive display of 14 companies showcased their ‘fruits of the sea’ under the supportive arm of the Xunta de Galicia in Spain. The local government invests in the food industry and…

Gourmet honey gift sets by Compagnie du Miel

Compagnie du Miel is launching a new gift set named ‘le cadeau du bien commun’ or ‘the common good gift’ at SIAL Paris 2022. The gourmet honey producer also provides an alternative…

Self-farmed sauces on display at SIAL Paris 2022

Deroni offered visitors a taste of its dynamic product range, including its unique new Sweet Green Tomato Ketchup. The company’s Commercial Director, Galina Delchunkova, spoke to the SIAL Daily. “It all starts…

OliBa goes green with prize-winning olive beer

Spain’s OliBa green beer took the top prize in the alcoholic beverages category at the SIAL Paris 2022 Innovation Awards. The winning line, called The Empeltre One made naturally with olives from…

SIAL Paris 2022 excels with new benchmark for the future

Audrey Ashworth, Director of SIAL Paris, spoke to SIAL Daily about this year’s success and what the future holds The 2024 edition will mark the show’s 60th anniversary and will continue to…

Understanding post-Covid shifts in customer behaviour, with SIAL Insights

Consumers are thinking more about what they eat and making choices that they believe will help to make the world a better place, according to research conducted on behalf of SIAL. SIAL…