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S-nap Shot is fuel for the brain

The man behind new drink S-nap Shot, designed as “brain fuel”, is keen to point out that it is not another energy drink. Alessandro di Napoli, president of Magnoglia is a pharmacist…

Lactasoy promotes Benefitt Soy Barista line with recipes

Thailand’s Lactasoy is reinforcing its new brand Benefitt, having launched it just before the pandemic. The company has chosen SIAL Paris 2022 as the relaunch platform for global markets, with a focus…

Resone adds bitters line to Loco brand after recording 35% growth in 2021

As the ready-to-drink market for alcoholic drinks continues to grow, Resone is making the most of it, with the launch of its bitters, developed for specific tastes in west African markets, but…

WOW Smoothies: 100% natural with over 35 flavours

WOW Smoothies, by Juice Solutions International, is presenting a wide range of healthy and easy to prepare smoothies at SIAL Paris 2022. Each fruit and vegetable mix is made with 100% natural,…

Beeche brings ‘beehive bubbles’ to its mead range at SIAL Paris 2022

Beeche has launched a new mead “as you’ve never drank it before” under its romantic Bulles de Ruche collection. The sparkling range, which translates as ‘beehive bubbles’, is at the intersection of…

Taste a natural drink with Brite ideas

Brite claims to be the world’s first natural nootropic drink made for better focus. The drink is made using natural superfoods, which have been found to help consumers feel more focused and…