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Understanding post-Covid shifts in customer behaviour, with SIAL Insights

Consumers are thinking more about what they eat and making choices that they believe will help to make the world a better place, according to research conducted on behalf of SIAL. SIAL…

Pleasure drives product innovation and development, SIAL Insights reveals

Enjoyment is a key motivator and driver for innovation in the agri- food industry  SIAL Insights grants visitors access to leading analysis on the food industry’s major trends and developments from partners…

Health fast becoming deciding factor for consumers SIAL Insights finds

SIAL Insights offers visitors access to eye-opening analysis of the world’s major consumption trends and their developments, with assistance from expert partners NPD, Kantar and ProtéinesXTC The analysis centres around three themes:…

SIAL Insights sheds light on consumer appetite for CSR

With expert partners – Kantar, ProtéinesXTC and NPD, SIAL Insights offer visitors direct access to unprecedented analysis of the world’s major consumption trends and their developments The analysis, centred around three themes…

SIAL Insights: Answering tomorrow’s challenges

Understand the food industry’s inspiring developments and crucial challenges at SIAL Paris 2022, with the help of SIAL Insights    SIAL Insights offers visitors direct access to an unprecedented analysis of the global…