Caribou Coffee unveils pumpkin flavours

August 23, 2023

Caribou Coffee, a global premium coffeehouse and member of the Panera Brands family, announces the revival of one of the most cherished flavors of autumn: pumpkin

From 24th August, patrons will be treated to an array of 15 artisan-crafted beverages, showcasing everything from the innovative Pumpkin Espresso Shaker to the Pumpkin White Mocha. Each sip promises a tour de force of flavours, ensuring every coffee lover finds their perfect pumpkin potion.

Craftsmanship meets quality

After the introduction of Caribou Coffee’s Espresso Shakers with Oatmilk in March, the Pumpkin Espresso Shaker emerges as its latest sensation. This new concoction, along with its caramel, vanilla, and white chocolate counterparts, is a harmonious blend of espresso with ingredients like real pumpkin purée.

The brand’s commitment has not wavered when it comes to quality. Every one of these drinks is a testament to Caribou’s dedication to offering only premium ingredients, devoid of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. In the words of Matt Reiter, senior vice president of product and procurement, “Pumpkin is a hallmark flavor of the season, and we’re elated to offer such an extensive pumpkin menu. Our lineup ensures that every guest finds their favorite way to enjoy this autumnal delight.”

Savoring autumn at home: Caribou’s pumpkin love® and member perks

For those who wish to revel in pumpkin goodness from the comfort of their homes, Caribou Coffee has the answer with Pumpkin Love® ground bagged coffee, a medium roast with hints of fresh pumpkin, spices, and sweet whipped cream, available at selected Target stores and online. In addition, Caribou Perks® members can make the most of the brand’s array of convenient services, from ordering ahead on the app to enjoying free non-dairy milk customisations.

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