December 6, 2022

South Korea’s CJ CheilJedang is actively targeting the global kimchi market with new strategic products for export developed using differentiated fermentation technology. It means that the new bibigo kimchi line, designed for export to Europe, can be kept at room temperature for 12 months.

Sold in small-capacity pouches, the product will also be made, where possible, at local production sites in Vietnam, the United States, and Japan. The new product is made with 100% vegetable ingredients without salted fish to suit the tastes of global consumers wanting a clean taste.

Fermentation control is CJ’s own technology that can maintain an appropriate level of ripening of kimchi made in Korea until it reaches the export location. Until now, kimchi arrived fully ripe about a month after being shipped. The technology can maintain the acidity that affects the taste, and the texture of the cabbage, in their original state for a year.

The true taste of kimchi

According to the company this means that overseas consumers will now “be able to experience the true taste of Korean kimchi” rather than over-fermented versions. The packaging has also been modified from typical large-capacity glass bottles to small-capacity pouches for convenience and to reduce waste through over fermentation.

The product is entering European markets this month including Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and the United Kingdom. From next year, it will be introduced in Malaysia, Middle East, Oceania, and South America.

CJ CheilJedang completed the construction of its first overseas plant in Vietnam earlier this year and plans to immediately supply the product made in Vietnam in the country, and to neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Malaysia from 2023.

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