May 11, 2021

The growing popularity of long mixed drinks has encouraged UK independent premium soft drinks brand Fentimans to launch a range of 200ml mixers and tonics from May, with a gradual phase-out of older 125ml sizes.

Fentimans marketing director Andrew Jackson explained: “As more consumers enjoy longer serves – and experiment with a range of mixers to pair with their personal spirit repertoires – it’s important to create a serve size that meets their needs.”

UK soft drinks and mixers have annual sales of £4.6 billion (€5.3bn), of which premium soft drinks are worth just over £600 million. But they are outpacing the market with growth of 12% versus 1%. This is according to an analysis from research consultancy CGA on the challenges and opportunities facing the soft drinks sector, commissioned last year by Fentimans.

With such a high growth rate at the premium end – as well as the fact that soft drinks and mixers now have a 15% share of the total drinks market – Fentimans’ move is part of a strategy to make the most of the premiumisation trend.

The new 200ml mixer range comes in 12 different flavours and variations: Premium Indian Tonic Water, Connoisseurs Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Rose Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water, Valencian Orange Tonic Water, Oriental Yuzu Tonic Water, Pink Rhubarb Tonic Water and Tropical Soda (designed for pairing with spiced rum). They are available direct, or through major UK on-trade wholesalers.

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