African Food Summit boosting agri-food innovation by 2024

June 4, 2024

Unveiling the future of Africa’s food industry

The African Food Summit at SIAL Paris, scheduled for October 22, 2024, is set to highlight Africa’s emerging trends in gastronomy and product design. This summit showcases the continent’s resilience and innovation in agri-food amidst climatic and geopolitical challenges. Key discussions will include employment in agri-food, preserving Africa’s rich food heritage, and the influence of new-generation entrepreneurs on the industry. The event, featuring networking opportunities, promises to offer fresh insights and potential solutions for the global food market.

Africa’s agri-food sector is crucial in addressing demographic growth, requiring the creation of 30,000 jobs per million inhabitants annually. However, micro and small enterprises, vital for rural manufacturing and urban distribution, struggle with financing due to their size. This summit will explore strategies to overcome these barriers and foster investment, ensuring sustainable development and job creation across the continent.

The summit will address the impact of westernization and standardization on African food culture. Despite changing consumption habits and new distribution methods, African cuisine remains rich and varied, continuously evolving with local and external influences. Discussions will focus on how to maintain this cultural heritage and resist uniformity while embracing innovation.

New-generation entrepreneurs: Shaping the future of African food

A new wave of entrepreneurs is transforming Africa’s food industry. These young, often internationally connected leaders are promoting local products, fostering solidarity, and embodying a modern “Afropolitanism.” Their innovative approaches and perspectives are set to redefine the food sector, contributing to its dynamic evolution.

Partners: Chaire UNESCO and CIRAD

The UNESCO Chair in World Food Systems, founded in 2011 by Professor Jean-Louis Rastoin, bridges the gap between food science disciplines and supports stakeholders in delivering sustainable food systems. It emphasizes the importance of food as a vital link between humans and the environment, embedding societal issues in training and research, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

African Food Summit

CIRAD, France’s agricultural research and international cooperation organization, focuses on sustainable development in tropical and Mediterranean regions. With a global network of 200 partners, CIRAD mobilizes science, innovation, and training to achieve sustainable development goals, promoting biodiversity, agro-ecological transitions, and the resilience of rural areas.

African Food Summit boosting agri-food innovation by 2024

Networking and collaboration opportunities

Following each summit session, participants will have the chance to engage in networking moments with speakers and fellow attendees. These interactions aim to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and build connections that could lead to future projects and partnerships.

Practical details

The African Food Summit will be held on October 22, 2024, from 2 pm to 5 pm at SIAL Paris, Hall 5A, Paris Nord Villepinte. To attend, participants must possess a SIAL Paris badge and a pass for the summit. The African Food Summit pass is priced at €80, with the complete Summits pack available for €160 (including VAT).

Photo Omotayo Tajudeen  Unsplash

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