SIAL Summit Africa: A showcase for African food innovation

July 2, 2024

The SIAL Summit Africa is a major event for African and global food industry professionals. Organised in parallel with SIAL, the Summit is entirely devoted to the challenges and prospects of the African food industry.

This event is a unique opportunity to meet opinion leaders, innovators and decision-makers who have come to share their knowledge and explore emerging market trends.

The SIAL Summit Africa offers a dense and diversified programme, with conferences, round tables and interactive workshops. The topics covered range from food safety and sustainability to technological innovation and new consumer trends. World-renowned experts and industry leaders will share their insights on crucial topics such as:

  • Food security in Africa: How can African countries guarantee a secure and sufficient food supply for their growing populations?
  • Technological innovation: The impact of new technologies such as precision farming and biotechnology on food production in Africa.
  • Consumer trends: Changes in the eating habits of African consumers and their influence on the market.

Interactive workshops will enable participants to discover the latest innovations in food products and production technologies, learn about best practices in supply chain management and marketing, and exchange views with experts on issues specific to their sectors.

SIAL Summit Africa: A showcase for African food innovation
Image credit: Megan Thomas for Unsplash

Networking and business opportunities

SIAL Summit Africa is also an ideal venue for networking. Participants will be able to meet potential partners and explore collaboration opportunities, exchange ideas with peers and industry leaders at organised networking sessions, and gain access to a global market thanks to the presence of numerous international visitors and decision-makers from the food sector.

Exhibitors in the spotlight

The SIAL Summit Africa highlights a selection of African exhibitors who illustrate the diversity and innovation of the continent’s food sector.

  • Global Med (Tunisia): Specialising in groceries, Global Med offers a variety of authentic Tunisian products, representing the country’s gastronomic wealth.
  • Cevital (Algeria): Leader in the Algerian food industry, Cevital offers a complete range of high-quality grocery products, combining tradition and innovation.
  • Libstar (South Africa): Libstar is a key player in the South African food sector, offering a wide range of grocery products, from staples to gourmet products.
  • Verde for Trading and Distribution (Egypt): This Egyptian company excels in the distribution of quality grocery products, combining tradition and modernity.
  • Karry for Food Industries (Egypt): Karry for Food Industries stands out for its innovative grocery products adapted to the needs of contemporary consumers.
  • Kam Ista Limited (Uganda): Presenting a unique range of grocery products, Kam Ista Limited highlights the distinctive flavours of Uganda.
  • Lecofruit (Madagascar): Lecofruit offers exotic grocery products, bringing the unique tastes of Madagascar to the international stage.
  • Biokasserine (Tunisia): Renowned for its organic grocery products, Biokasserine promotes healthy and sustainable eating.
  • Alsahl Group Holding (Libya): Alsahl Group Holding offers a variety of quality grocery products, reflecting Libya’s rich culinary tradition.
  • Saleh the Good Farm (Egypt): Specialising in frozen products, this Egyptian company is a major player in the food preservation market.
  • Sarl Sed Oasis (Algeria): Sarl Sed Oasis excels in fresh fruit and vegetables that guarantee quality and freshness.
  • Whiba Holding / Aldafniya Company for Food Industry & Rice Mills (Libya): This Libyan firm offers a wide range of high-quality grocery products.
  • Farm Fresh / Misrco for processing and packing (Egypt): Farm Fresh offers innovative frozen products, ensuring quality and convenience.
  • Mediterranean Road Exports (Egypt): A major player in the fruit and vegetable sector, Mediterranean Road Exports supplies fresh, tasty products.
  • Real Fresh Agriculture (Egypt): Specialising in frozen products, Real Fresh Agriculture stands out for its quality and freshness.
  • In2food (South Africa): In2food offers innovative food alternatives in line with current market trends.
  • Fruit Nation Group (Egypt): Offering high-quality frozen products, Fruit Nation Group provides convenience and flavour for discerning consumers.

SIAL Summit Africa is much more than just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of the innovation and diversity of the African food sector. By bringing together experts, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders, this event opens the door to new opportunities and collaborations, while showcasing the talents and products of the African continent.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and meet key players in the African food industry.

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Top image: lucas-george-wendt – Unsplash

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