DSM unveils Plant Power Toolkit for fermented plant-based dairy alternatives

May 22, 2023

Global science-based company Royal DSM has launched the Plant Power Toolkit, an extensive ingredient portfolio designed for plant-based fermented products such as yogurt alternatives

DSM’s exciting new toolkit includes four specially formulated starter cultures and five ready-to-use consumer concepts. These offerings demonstrate how the toolkit can be utilised to develop new plant-based fermented products with tailored taste, texture, and health properties across various plant-based substrates. By simplifying the formulation process, DSM’s Plant Power Toolkit empowers producers to bring high-quality plant-based products to market more efficiently.

The demand for plant-based dairy alternatives is rapidly increasing, with the global market currently valued at €18 billion and growing at a rate of 4.5% annually. However, consumers expect improved taste, texture, and nutritional benefits from these products. A significant portion of European and US consumers expressed a desire for enhanced taste, reduced aftertaste, and creamier textures in plant-based yogurts. Additionally, concerns were raised about missing essential nutrients when consuming dairy alternatives.

Neleke van Nieuwenhuijzen, Global Product Application Expert, Fermented Plant Solutions at DSM, emphasised the company’s commitment to innovation in the plant-based fermentation market. The new cultures and ready-to-use concepts offered in the Plant Power Toolkit enable manufacturers to meet evolving consumer preferences. DSM’s team of experts continues to work on enhancing the taste, texture, and health aspects of plant-based fermented products, with further additions planned for the toolkit.

The Plant Power Toolkit streamlines the application design process with its comprehensive range of enzymes, cultures, hydrocolloids, proteins, nutritional solutions, and ready-to-use concepts. It addresses challenges specific to starch-containing bases like oat, where the optimal fermentation base is created using Delvo Plant enzymes.

DSM’s Delvo Plant cultures facilitate the desired mildness, freshness, and texture in various bases, including coconut, canola, oat, pea, and soy. The toolkit also incorporates GELLANEER gellan gums and pectins to refine the mouthfeel, creaminess, shine, and stability of the products over their shelf life.

One of the common shortcomings of plant-based fermented products is their nutritional profile compared to dairy-based counterparts, particularly in terms of protein, calcium, and B vitamins. The Plant Power Toolkit addresses this gap by offering nutritional solutions specifically tailored for plant-based fermented products, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and more. The portfolio also provides pre-tested concepts based on popular substrates such as coconut, canola, oat, pea, and soy. By eliminating the need for extensive ingredient testing or extensive research and development, the toolkit accelerates time to market. DSM offers comprehensive technical support throughout the process, aiming to guide manufacturers through the complexities of the plant-based landscape as a reliable one-stop-shop solutions partner.

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