Revolutionising aquaculture: WorldFish and Norway partner for climate-smart technologies in Egypt

July 31, 2023

The collaborative efforts of WorldFish and Norway herald a new era in sustainable development as they strive to introduce and scale innovative renewable energy solutions within Egypt’s aquaculture sector.

The Centre for Renewable Energy in Aquaculture (CeREA) initiative, a four-year project funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Cairo, is a significant step towards empowering local fish value chain actors with the benefits of climate-smart technologies. The initiative’s objectives align well with Norway’s commitment to enhance nutrition, stimulate job and value creation, and leverage climate-smart technologies for local fish value chain actors.

WorldFish’s significant role and CeREA’s future impact

WorldFish has a longstanding history of supporting the Egyptian aquaculture and fisheries sector, with its research and training centre at Abbassa in Sharkia operational since 1998. The centre has been instrumental in advancing fish genetics and research capacity, positioning Egypt as a role model for aquaculture development in sub-Saharan Africa. With CeREA, WorldFish aims to collaborate with a range of national and international partners, including research institutions, public universities and actors in the private sector. This approach aims to ensure a broad and effective impact on aquatic food systems, contributing to global food security challenges.

A vision of sustainable aquaculture

The CeREA initiative is part of a larger vision where WorldFish strives to create a sustainable aquatic food ecosystem. This vision underscores the importance of aquatic foods in the livelihoods of over 600 million people in developing nations and their crucial role in food and nutrition security. The project aligns with the goals of WorldFish’s Fish for Africa Innovation Hub (FAIH), aiming to create 6 million new jobs in African aquaculture by 2030, and fostering climate adaptation, gender equity, and food and nutrition security. This strategic partnership between WorldFish and Norway emphasises the potential of aquaculture in addressing development challenges, setting a sustainable, low-emission pathway for a healthier population and planet.

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