Supermarkets come out top in online food shopping satisfaction study

May 17, 2023

Supermarkets have been voted as the best places to shop for food and groceries online, according to a new survey

The Feedback Group asked 1,000 online food shoppers about their experience shopping for food and groceries in the US. With an overall satisfaction rating of 4.40 out of five, supermarkets topped the list. Amazon followed closely behind with a score of 4.30 while mass retailers, including Walmart and Target, secured third place with a score of 4.26.

The research further indicated that value-oriented stores, such as Aldi, Lidl, and Grocery Outlet, achieved a rating of 4.11.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Brian Numainville, a principal with The Feedback Group, said: “The study findings emphasise the strong performance of supermarkets and Amazon in providing customers with a satisfying online food shopping experience. Mass retailers also demonstrate strong customer satisfaction levels. Supermarkets clearly have benefitted from their investments in online food shopping capability improvements over the last several years.”

According to The Feedback Group the results of the study also highlight some significant generational differences in satisfaction with online shopping. Perhaps surprisingly, the baby boom generation were the ones most satisfied, giving a 4.40 rating of their most recent online food shopping experience. Generation X followed with a 4.21 rating, while Millennials demonstrate a lower satisfaction level of 4.10. Overall satisfaction among Generation Z respondents was an even-lower 3.95 out of five. 

Supermarkets come out top in online food shopping satisfaction study

With younger respondents reporting lower satisfaction levels, The Feedback Group urged grocers to continue to innovate and improve their online experience.

“These results should motivate grocers to keep innovating when it comes to their online shopping experience,” commented Doug Madenberg, Chief Listening Officer of The Feedback Group. “Younger consumers – our future core customers – are active on so many digital platforms, eCommerce and otherwise, resulting in higher expectations than those of older shoppers.”

Overall, nearly nine out of ten shoppers said they felt positive about their online experience after ordering. However, when asked if their online shopping service provides fair pricing given the convenience it offers, the average rating was 4.02 out of 5.

The research also highlighted another key area for retailers to consider. According to the result – an overall rating of 3.88 – it would seem that shoppers aren’t that impressed with their online grocery provider’s understanding of their needs, tastes or preferences.

Furthermore, when it comes to confidence in product availability, customers expressed concerns, as evidenced by a 3.84 rating, suggesting that online grocery providers need to address stock level issues to meet customer expectations more consistently.

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