August 12, 2021

Kroger, the largest grocery retailer in the United States, is partnering with ghost kitchen player Kitchen United to offer customers freshly-prepared, on-demand restaurant food. The first test site is expected to open this autumn at a Kroger-owned Ralphs store in Los Angeles. Additional locations are expected later this year.

How it works is that an off-premise restaurant kitchen will serve a participating store featuring up to six local, regional or national restaurant brands. When placing an order using the Kitchen United website or app or on-site via ordering kiosks, customers can select items from each on-site restaurant on a single receipt.

“As we continue to define Kroger as a food destination, this collaboration is another way for our customers to order lunch or dinner for pick-up while they shop for groceries or for delivery to their location of choice,” said Craig Gauden, Kroger’s director of partnership development.

Kroger and Kitchen United tie-up for on-demand meal pick-up and delivery
Kitchen United ghost kitchens are designed to be noticed.

Kroger serves more than one million households each week

For Kitchen United the move offers access to millions of Kroger customers – some 60 million household annually – plus the ability to better address off-premise demand in a convenient supermarket format. Michael Montagano, CEO of Kitchen United said: “We’ve worked with the Kroger team to curate a mix of popular restaurant brands, and we see a great opportunity to introduce our partnership in cities across the country.”

Kitchen United, founded in 2017, is known for housing multiple restaurant brands under one roof for delivery and pick-up. It has diversified its offerings through the expansion of its proprietary MIX platform and is now expanding into non-traditional ghost kitchen formats such as retail shopping centres and food halls.

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