Hormel Foodservice launches limited-time cure 81 pumpkin spice ham for autumn

August 29, 2023

Hormel Foodservice, the renowned Fortune 500 global branded food company, has made a flavourful foray into the world of seasonal cuisine with its first-ever limited-time offering.

The star of this autumnal show is the Cure 81 Pumpkin Spice Ham, a half-spiral ham uniquely infused with a carefully crafted pumpkin-spice blend. This creation is further enhanced by the inclusion of a pumpkin-spice glaze packet, ensuring that foodservice operators can provide their guests with a seasonal taste experience.

Embracing the season

As autumn approaches, the culinary world eagerly anticipates the emergence of pumpkin spice-flavoured treats, and Hormel Foodservice has answered the call with innovation. Carson Williams, Senior Brand Manager for Hormel Foodservice, acknowledges the appeal of pumpkin spice during the holiday season and recognises the need to cater to this popular flavour profile. By marrying the beloved Cure 81 ham with the essence of pumpkin spice, foodservice operators can offer their customers a fresh twist on a holiday classic. The limited-time availability of the Cure 81 Pumpkin Spice Ham this autumn presents a unique opportunity for foodservice establishments to embrace this seasonal craze.

Elevating the holiday feast

The Cure 81 Pumpkin Spice Ham isn’t just another fleeting trend; it’s a culinary delight that can elevate holiday meals, limited-time offers, and carving stations to new heights, according to the company. This innovative product allows foodservice operators to cater to the ever-evolving tastes of their clientele while maintaining the trusted quality of the Cure 81 brand. Whether it’s a centerpiece for a festive Thanksgiving dinner or a standout option on a holiday menu, the Cure 81 Pumpkin Spice Ham is poised to become an essential addition to seasonal culinary offerings.

Hormel Foodservice has demonstrated its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the foodservice industry by introducing the Cure 81 Pumpkin Spice Ham. This limited-time offering combines the familiar excellence of Cure 81 ham with the irresistible allure of pumpkin spice, providing foodservice operators with a winning choice for their autumn menus. As the clock ticks towards the September 15th ordering deadline, culinary enthusiasts and operators alike have a prime opportunity to embrace this seasonal sensation and delight their guests with a taste of autumn’s finest.

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