February 8, 2022

The anticipated 2022 edition of SIAL Paris will take place October 15th to 19th. The theme of the event is renewal and change, and with that comes the appointment of a new director, Audrey Ashworth.

Audrey Ashworth became director of SIAL Paris on January 1st, 2022. Under the leadership of Nicolas Trentseaux, Ashworth succeeds Adeline Vancauwelaert, who had held the position since 2005. 

Ashworth has a commendable background in trade fair management and operations. Most recently, she worked at Comexposium, where she was the head of the SIAL sales network from 2018 to 2021. After that, Ashworth became EMEA sales director, laying the groundwork for a new sales organisation. 

SIAL 2022: renewal and change

In some ways the appointment of Audrey Ashworth represents the themes of renewal and change, around which SIAL 2022 is completely centred.

“We are motivated and delighted to welcome the food industry community back to this event which is devoted to it,” Ashworth said in a statement. “And, of course, to reveal to our clients everything that we have been preparing since we were put on standby nearly two years ago because of the pandemic”. 

Since September 2021, the Comexposium group (including SIAL Paris), has coordinated over 100 events to clients and businesses. As noted by the new director, a trade fair is not simply a form of media, but an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their services, network with their customer base and to network and learn from the ecosystem they work in. There have been a range of new innovations to keep these events integral to the market calendar. It is worth noting that 84% of visitors and exhibitors used new digital tools at these events. 

“Own the Change”

The theme of SIAL Paris 2022 is “Own the Change”. Audrey Ashworth has embraced this by outlining what change means to her and the industry at large, as well as how SIAL Paris can be a platform for said change. 

“It is up to us to rise to the challenges of food security and changes in consumption habits. We must keep in mind our social responsibility overall, and we must collectively solve complex problems. For example, how to produce more while polluting less, or reducing the carbon footprint of our consumption,” Ashworth said.

SIAL Paris 2022 is a place for discussion and a platform to discuss these issues, as well as a place to find drivers and ways to navigate future issues. Features such as SIAL Insights and SIAL Paris Think Tank offer insight into exclusive studies on consumer behaviour, as well as innovations in products, as well as market and restaurant trends. The SIAL Innovation prizes will recognise the innovations and breakthroughs in the industry. 

“’Own the Change’ also means scouting out new talent and nurturing the “young shoots” that are eager to actively contribute to tomorrow’s ecosystem”, Ashworth stated.  

SIAL Paris: ambitions for the future

As noted by Ashworth, SIAL Paris has been a constantly renewing force for exhibitors and visitors since its founding in 1964. “Combining futurology with inspiration, business with conviviality, the ambition of SIAL Paris has always been to be more than just a professional trade show. It is an essential event for the entire sector”.

The new director is looking to develop three areas of SIAL Paris: business, inspiration and experience. For business, Ashworth wishes to extend the diversity of attendees and to connect contacts with sector leaders. For inspiration, Ashworth will foster high-quality content and services that can boost professionals. For experience, there is a focus on enhancing the guidance and counselling offered to visitors and partners. 

Commenting on her plans for SIAL moving forward, Ashworth said: “In a word, to provide more meaning, perspectives and leadership as we go along.”

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