Halal market in the spotlight at SIAL’s Food & Drinks Malaysia

October 9, 2023

By 2030, it is forecast that 73% of the world’s middle class will be in the Asia Pacific region. The Halal market section at the inaugural Food & Drinks Malaysia event by SIAL, held in the primarily Muslim country, was one of the main pillars of the show.

One of the event’s highlights was the Regional Halal Forum, where the future of Halal was discussed at great length.

In partnership with the International Halal Consultancy and supported by esteemed organisations including the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, the Halal Standard Institute of Thailand, SCCI Indonesia, the Halal Development Corporation of Malaysia, and Japan Halal Association, the forum brought together influential country representatives from the Asia Pacific region, providing a platform for sharing knowledge and insights on halal legislation, certification processes, and the distinctive halal transformation map of each participating country.

Founder of the forum, Assalaamu Alikum Wr Br., noted the rising importance of the industry which he said has “become enormous, with more than enough for all of us here to benefit from the halal economics”.

Halal market in the spotlight at SIAL's Food & Drinks Malaysia

He added that with the rapid rise of the Muslim population world-wide, the demand for halal is ever increasing.

He said: “Over the decades, with the advent of the food manufacturing modernisation and new technological processes involved, manufacturing of food has become complicated and complex in some respects.

“Hence, there is a need for food scientists, food technologists and food safety experts to determine if the food being manufactured is halal or haram. We need to even make use of science and technology today to know the status of the food to halal certify them.”

Mr Alikum went on to say that the industry would continue to face challenges, including the traceability from farm to the table, and also the latest trend on cell cultured poultry.

Food & Drinks Malaysia is described as a ‘Global industry’s gateway to a growing market’ and is an up and coming trade show offering a unique experience to meet, establish new business networks with related businesses and services, and learn through customised knowledge-based sessions on topics relating to the industry.

As well as Halal being high on the F&B agenda, the multiculturalism of Malaysia means that the demand for fusion cuisine has also led to the region becoming a hub for plant-based and alternative foods, driving the need for food technology, including manufacturing, up. And this is helping to make this newest SIAL event so exciting.

In addition, Malaysia is the second most developed & competitive economy within SEA, the third largest in ASEAN, the 25th largest in the world based on GDP, and it is on-track to achieve the target of becoming a high-income economy by 2024.

The Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL 2023 was a great success, playing host to:

  • 300+ local and international exhibitors
  • 500+ local and international brands
  • 8000+ visitors from 46 countries
  • 150+ local and international buyers

Highlights of the show included the Food Systems Change Makers Award Ceremony where 20 remarkable individuals were honoured with the prestigious “Food Systems IMPACT CHANGE MAKER 20 under 40 awards” at ‘The Future of Food & Agriculture’.

Comexposium Malaysia received the Food Systems Change Maker Award. The award was given in recognition of Comexposium’s exceptional contributions to driving change in Malaysia’s food systems to improve food security, sustainability, youth empowerment, and social development for the benefit of current and future generations.

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