October 26, 2022

Madeiran gin made with ingredients from a UNESCO world heritage site

Cannings Gin, a premium distilled gin from Madeira, exhibited at SIAL Paris 2022. The brand uses a recipe that includes plants and fruits from the local natural forest Laurisilva which has gained UNESCO natural world heritage status. Hints of passion fruit and other exotic flavours are claimed to give the gin a unique flavour profile. The product, whose symbol is the barn owl, is 40% abv and made by Companhia Nova de Aguardent. Canning’s Gin won a gold medal in the International Wine and Spirits Competition blind tasting in 2018 in London, making it one of the 21 best gins in the world.


  • Gin from Madeira
  • A gold medal winner at the IWSC
  • Ingredients from a UNESCO natural world heritage site