December 29, 2022

Healthy eating subscription food company and restaurateur Urban Plates is upgrading its signature Plate Pass program to offer more savings from 1 January 2023, in the light of inflationary pressures impacting consumer demand.

With no tiering in the program, the company says that new members can start saving 20% as soon as they sign up. Guests can access more of the Urban Plates menu – which avoids processed foods – while also making memberships more affordable.

The new benefits include:

  • 20% off: This is for up to 15 people and includes desserts, beverages (including alcohol), and add-ons such as extra protein or sides) as well as mains.
  • Includes cash-register purchases: The Plate Pass discount is now available for purchases made at the register at its 17 locations as well as online, in addition to purchases via the Urban Plates app.
  • Easy sign up: Guests can get a pass through the Urban Plates app or online, though users must first set up an account and be logged in.
  • Monthly fee cut in half: The new subscription price is $5 per month down from $10 in the original program.

CEO and co-founder of Urban Plates, Saad Nadhir, commented: “People are making tough choices and we want to make Urban Plates an easy choice. Many are cutting back, but we don’t want them to feel like they have to skip our wholesome food.”

Partnering with guests

Urban Plates, founded in 2011 with a single restaurant in Del Mar, California, launched its original Plate Pass in January 2021 making it the US restaurant industry’s first subscription program. The company says it wants to make eating out more budget-friendly for diners looking for ways to save while still offering wholesome, made-from-scratch food.

How Urban Plates makes its food.

The price drop is designed to keep cash-flow on track during the downturn and ensure expansion plans are not affected. Nadhir said: “Plate Pass is a partnership with our guests: Urban Plates offers the best possible pricing to members and we rely on their business and subscription fee, so both sides benefit in these challenging economic times.”

There are few restrictions on the 20%-off deal for Plate Pass members ordering from the restaurant’s main menu. Even the most popular dish, which is a signature spice rubbed, grass-fed and grass-finished steak served with two sides and grilled rustic bread, can be had for under $16 (with a membership).

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