June 29, 2021

Happy Chicken and Giggling Pig are the cute names New York-based Livekindly Collective has chosen for its flagship meatless meat lines in China.

Together the brands offer seven products to consumers including dumplings, seasoned mince, and several mushroom-based dishes – all based on heritage cuisine with a modern take. “We worked with a local innovation chef during product development and have taken into consideration the most relevant consumption habits for Gen Z consumers,” said Joanna LiuQiao, regional director of Greater China at Livekindly.

China’s younger generations are early adopters of plant-based foods, while supply shortages of meat could be another factor that will help drive demand. Plant-based protein is not new to China, where tofu and seitan existed long before vegan burgers went mainstream, but meat is still at the centre of many dishes.

“China is one of the most exciting and strategic markets for the plant-based revolution, and a key pillar of our growth strategy,” commented Livekindly’s CEO Kees Kruythoff. “We are proud to launch our new flagship brands, which have been developed and manufactured for Chinese consumers, by Chinese experts – and at China speed.”

Livekindly – whose other plant-based food brands includes The Fry Family Food Co., LikeMeat, Oumph!, No Meat, and The Dutch Weed Burger, which it acquired earlier this month – launched in March 2020 and has raised over $500 million to fund its international expansion including the opening of its first offices in China.

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