Pâtisserie des Flandres, a SIAL show fixture

March 12, 2024

Pâtisserie des Flandres was founded in 1997 and has participated in every edition of SIAL Paris since 2000 – proof of the company’s loyalty to the show.

Located in the heart of French Flanders in Erquinghem-Lys (Hauts-de-France), Pâtisserie des Flandres is known for its traditional butter waffles and savoury wafer crackers. In parallel to these high quality traditional products, the company uses its know-how and expertise to create innovative, tasty and trendy products, thanks to its intensive R&D process.

The company sees each edition of SIAL as a great opportunity for Pâtisserie des Flandres to meet its customers, discover new prospects and keep an eye on new products.

The company regularly takes part in the SIAL Innovation competition, which has become its biennial meeting place with the market for new product launches. 3 events linked to SIAL Paris have left their imprint on the Pâtisserie des Flandres story.

SIAL Paris 2008: Courage and persistence

A fire totally destroyed Pâtisserie des Flandres’ new production and storage site 3 weeks prior to SIAL Paris. The sales team recovered products from the company’s customers and was present on the stand. “Hit but not sunk”, the team wanted to show that it does not give up. The show went on and Pâtisserie des Flandres promised to be back bigger and better than ever…

SIAL Paris 2010: A vegetable wafer

Pâtisserie des Flandres, a SIAL show fixture
(Photo: Pâtisserie des Flandres)

The company managed to rebuild itself and regained its position on its traditional markets. As a specialist of waffles, Pâtisserie des Flandres created an original product: a mainly vegetable wafer made with over 50% vegetables.

The SIAL Innovation jury was won over and awarded the Grand Prix to Pâtisserie des Flandres’ own brand CROC’LEGUMES. French media, radio and television were all talking about the company during the show. Two years after the disaster, morale was high throughout the company with a bright future on the horizon.

SIAL 2020: Despite Covid, two awards for Pâtisserie des Flandres

Pâtisserie des Flandres, a SIAL show fixture
(Photo: Pâtisserie des Flandres)

This was a difficult year for SIAL Paris, as it was forced to cancel the show because of Covid-19. It was perceived as a disappointment for Pâtisserie de Flandres. The company had indeed prepared a gourmet innovation for a new market: a pure butter mini waffle filled with Maroilles cheese, to be reheated as an aperitif.

However, the SIAL Innovation competition was still held, and this was a double victory for the company. Pâtisserie des Flandres received the SIAL Innovation Trophy – category Catering and snacking and the SIAL Innovation Trophy – Silver Award.

The two awards brought a dose of optimism and further recognition for the company.

Looking at 2024

SIAL Innovation has given Pâtisserie des Flandres two major victories that have energised the company’s employees and galvanised the interest of customers. SIAL Paris remains an ideal springboard for launching a new product, and the company’s R&D team is always working towards this major October event in even-numbered years.

(Photo: Antoine et Benoît Rousseau, Management of Pâtisserie des Flandres- Source: Pâtisserie des Flandres)

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