SIAL Paris promotes the organic and wellness sector in 2024

March 13, 2024

As the European Commission has set a target for at least 25% of the EU’s agricultural land to be organic farming and a significant increase in organic aquaculture by 2030, SIAL Paris is more than ever raising brand awareness and developing companies’ organic & wellness business.

A sustainable food system is at the heart of the European Green Deal. Under the Green Deal’s Farm to Fork strategy, the European Commission has set a target of at least 25% of the EU’s agricultural land to be under organic farming and a significant increase in organic aquaculture by 2030.

The European Commission wants organic farming to become even more sustainable as well as more productive. By producing high-quality food with low environmental impact, organic farming will then play an essential role in developing a sustainable food system for the EU.

The Commission is conscious that European citizens are increasingly looking for healthy, organic food options. Its strategy is to encourage this trend.

The EU to stimulate demand and ensure consumer trust for organic products

EU citizens increasingly value organic products. Based on the 2022 Eurobarometer survey on EU agriculture, citizens believe that organic products are more likely to comply with specific rules on pesticides, fertilisers, and antibiotics (83% agreed), are more environmentally friendly (81%), and are produced with higher respect for animal welfare (80%). 74% of the citizens questioned in the survey believed that organic products are better quality than other food products while 65% of them felt that organic products taste better than other food items.

According to the 2022 barometer, 61% of citizens recognise the organic logo, up from 27% in 2017 and 56% in 2020.

Retail sales for organic products have increased by over 128% in the last 10 years, from approximately €18 billion in 2009 to €45.1 billion in 2021, with a decrease of 3% over 2020.

The largest share in percentage of organic products sold in retail in 2022 in Europe were Denmark (12%), Austria (11.5%), Switzerland (11.2%), Luxembourg and Sweden (8.2% ex-aequo), Germany (6.3%), France (6.1%), Estonia (4.6%), the Netherlands (4.4%) and Belgium (3.7%). Greece, Portugal and Romania were the countries where the percentage of organic food retail sales was the smallest in the European Union.

SIAL Paris with a dedicated space for organic and wellness sector

SIAL Paris 2024 will bring answers to the huge market opportunity set by the organic and wellness sector, while the SIAL Innovation feature area will unveil the latest trends in the organic & wellness sector. Back in 2022, 119 organic & wellness products were selected and presented at SIAL Innovation. 180 exhibitors presented an extensive range of organic products the same year.

SIAL Paris is the world’s biggest export platform with 70% of its visitors hailing from outside France
and from more than 200 countries. It is the perfect place to expand into the French market, one of the largest in the world for organic, wellness and health products, or to conquer other markets!

According to data compiled by SIAL management, the global market for organic and wellness agri-food products had a value of US$260 billion (approximately €239 billion) in 2022. The USA was number one with a market value of US$50 billion (€45.9 euros) followed by Germany at US$13 billion (€11.9 billion), France at US$11 billion(€10.1 billion), China at US$8 billion(€7.3 billion) and the UK at US$3 billion(€2.8 billion). As such, it was a natural step for SIAL develop an entirely new sector 100% dedicated to natural, healthy products. Exhibitors interested in joining the Organic and Wellness sector can contact the sales team of SIAL Paris.

(Top photo: shelves with organic products-Flickr-Marco Verch)

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