September 28, 2022

The European Commission has celebrated a selection of the industry’s leading players at the first EU Organic Awards.

The awards – held on September 23 – celebrate growth and innovation within the organic sector and value chain, with a focus on the impact of agriculture on the climate and environment. This event was part of EU Organic Day, which was launched last year by the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission.

“I have been impressed by each and every one of the stories behind the winners,” said EU commissioner for agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski. “These are incredibly committed people, organisations and institutions, who have promoted organic production long before it became popular, often in very difficult circumstances.

“They come from all over the EU, showing that organics is alive everywhere, and that organic excellence can be found everywhere. In this sense, they give me much hope for the further development of organic production and the benefits it can bring for our farmers, rural communities, and society as a whole.”

The winners

Nazaret Mateos Álvarez of Spain – who operates an organic mushroom production site in her home country – was named the best female farmer.

David Pejić was named best male organic farmer, in recognition of his organic farm near Zagreb in Croatia, which produces more than 60 different crops.

Occitanie in France was recognised as the best organic region, with 19% of all agricultural land under organic farming.

The award for Best Organic City was awarded to Seeham in Austria. The city is a member of the Organic Cities Network Europe and has public canteens across the city and in schools which serve 100% organic food.

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