Ben & Jerry’s introduces Oat-based non-dairy ice cream formula

November 21, 2023

In 2016, responding to a growing demand for plant-based alternatives, Ben & Jerry’s launched its non-dairy range, now enhanced with an oat-based formula

The launch of a new oat-based non-dairy formula

In a recent announcement, Ben & Jerry’s unveiled its latest product development: an oat-based non-dairy ice cream formula. This new formula is set to be incorporated into approximately 20 of the brand’s existing non-dairy flavours by spring 2024.

The transition will start with popular choices such as the chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie flavours. Furthermore, there are plans to introduce a non-dairy variant of a classic dairy favourite next year, specifically designed around the oat-based recipe. This development is seen as a strategic move to cater to a growing segment of consumers seeking non-dairy alternatives without compromising on taste and texture.

Ben & Jerry’s new fairtrade oat delight

The new oat-based non-dairy range will continue to feature ingredients that are Fairtrade-certified, including cocoa, vanilla, coffee, and sugar. Additionally, the range will incorporate Open Chain certified cocoa. In a statement, Colleen Rossell, a flavour specialist at Ben & Jerry’s, highlighted the potential appeal of the oat-based formula to both non-dairy and traditional ice cream consumers.

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