Konscious Foods reveals impressive list of plant-based seafood products

March 31, 2023

The new range of plant-based seafoods by Konscious Foods include tuna, salmon and snow crab.

Konscious Foods is one of many entrants into a market that is sparking increasing levels of interest thanks to improved technology that means that plant-based products closely resemble traditional seafoods.

The new products by Konscious Foods have been created by the company’s founder Yves Potvin, a chef who is also behind Gardein and Yves Veggie Cuisine.

Launched this year, the Canadian firm is a new entrant into the plant-based market. Several products are on sale to consumers, including sushi rolls, onigiri and poke bowls, while the tuna, salmon and snow crab are targeted at the foodservice sector.

Konscious Foods reveals impressive list of plant-based seafood products
The company offers a number of plant-based seafoods. Credit: Konscious Foods

“With more than 100 combined years of culinary expertise, our team put its very best into creating these products, because to make the impact we want to see in the world, we have to win on taste first,” Mr Potvin said in a statement.

“We’re proud to say our products will surprise and impress in terms of flavour and texture.”

Konjac plant, tomatoes, carrots, pea fibre, cucumbers, avocados, whole grains, legumes, sushi rice and quinoa are among the ingredients used in the company’s products.

The products are non-GMO, gluten free, 100% plant based and organic where possible and, the company’s statement added, are made without titanium dioxide or carrageenan.

Other plant-based seafood producers that Sial Paris Newsroom has recently reported on include Umani Foods, a brand launched by WTH Foods from the Philippines.

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