April 6, 2021

Tokyo-based Next Meats is airing Japan’s first ever television commercial for plant-based meat alternatives.

From April, the ad from the food-tech venture – which was established in June 2020 – will appear on several channels and focuses on the climate crisis and the lifestyle benefits of meat alternative products.

Next Meats – whose company mission statement is ‘Not letting the Earth End’ – has made its advert in three languages: English, Chinese and Japanese, and it will be played in other markets in due course. The hope is that this commercial will reach even more consumers and expand the business.

The commercial coincides with the release of its latest product, Next Chicken, and the company’s success in establishing a retail line for Next Yakiniku meats – claimed to be the world’s first plant-based Japanese BBQ meat – in the Japanese superstore Ito Yokado.

Next Meats began its research into meat alternatives in 2017 but the company was officially founded 10 months ago. As well as Next Yakiniku, the company has launched the plant-based Japanese beef bowl Next Gyudon (see main image).

In December 2020 the food-tech start-up partnered with Toyota-Tsusho Corporation and listed on the American OTCBB in January. In addition to its facilities in Japan, Next has a production line in Vietnam and has also signed a contract with Taiwan’s Hung Yang Foods, and is also expanding its business to the US, Singapore, Italy, and other countries.

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