Steakholder Foods’ 3D printed meat innovation

November 2, 2023

Steakholder Foods announces its revolutionary SH Beef Steak Ink for sustainable 3D printed meat production

SH Beef Steak Ink is not only an addition to the market, it is a testament to the future of sustainable meat production. Its realism ensures that the ink used reproduces the fibrous texture, look and taste of high quality beef steak, giving consumers an authentic experience.

Tailor-made meat

Beyond its texture and taste, the culinary versatility of ink is a game changer, the firm says. Chefs, food producers, and cooking enthusiasts can now create customised cuts of meat to suit individual tastes and preferences. What’s more, the ink’s unique formulation enhances the natural flavours of cultured meat, providing a dining experience that rivals and even surpasses traditional meat. Designed specifically for the Steakholder Foods fusion printer, the company wants its Beef Steak Ink to become an industry benchmark, accessible to a wide range of businesses in the cultured meat sector. SH Beef Steak Ink embodies Steakholder Foods’ commitment to ethical and humane meat production, eliminating the need for animals to be slaughtered.

An ecological approach that protects animals

The company is showcasing its forward-looking approach with its plans to introduce a range of inks reproducing various species, aimed at addressing global food security while delighting taste buds the world over. Itamar Atzmony, Engineering Director at Steakholder Foods, summed up the company’s vision when he said:”Our expertise in 3D printing technologies goes beyond our existing fish and beef inks. With our plant-based SH inks as our base and cultured cells as our essence, we’re not just recreating meat and fish; we’re reshaping the future of food, one print at a time.”

SH Beef Steak Ink from Steakholder Foods is a testament to the company’s commitment to revolutionising the food industry. At a time when the world is facing the challenges of sustainability and ethical food production, Steakholder Foods is embarking on the production of 3D printed meat.

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