Start-ups are at the core of SIAL Paris’ vision of the future

February 28, 2024

At SIAL Paris 2024, visitors will be plunged into tomorrow’s food innovation in the SIAL Start-up dedicated space.

With #OwnTheChange, SIAL Paris is highlighting a number of innovative solutions. The upcoming changes in future sectors such as agriculture and agri-food are pushing companies to innovate.

SIAL Paris wants to foster a vision of the agri-food industry in the decades to come. SIAL organisers offer both exhibitors and visitors the keys to creating solutions for the future. This is why star-ups companies are an important component of the show with a dedicated Start-up Village where these French and international emerging companies respond to the desire for new products that are better for the environment and healthier. This will be the second time that start-ups will have their own space at the show.

At SIAL 2022, the space welcomed 55 start-up exhibitors in the SIAL Start-Up village. In total, some 650 start-ups were present across the halls of SIAL Paris during the 2022 edition.

In 2022, here was the list of start-ups officially part of the Start-up Village:

ABERYNEDelicatessen, Ready to Eat
ABSOLUTHENon-alcoholic beverages
AGNEXTEquipment, Technologies and Services
AGROSINGULARITYFruits and vegetables
ALAVIE DRINKSNon-alcoholic beverages
BILLIEBUBS Grocery products
BIOTYFOODEquipment, Technologies and Services
BITE ME NUTRITIONConfectionery, biscuits and pastry
B4FOODEquipment, Technologies and Services
BRIO MATENon-alcoholic beverages
BRITE DRINKSNon-alcoholic beverages
BUBBLE IT DRINKSNon-alcoholic beverages
C&DACDelicatessen, Ready to Eat
CIDRE MAURETNon-alcoholic beverages
DEVORE FOODDelicatessen, Ready to Eat
DRY4GOODFruits and vegetables
EATCHDelicatessen, Ready to Eat
ENFES NATURAL PRODUCTSFruits and vegetables
ENOUGH FOODDelicatessen, Ready to Eat
FUNGU’ITFruits and vegetables
GRAAMGrocery products
HABITUS DRINKNon-alcoholic beverages
HUMBLE +Non-alcoholic beverages
KARYONEquipment, Technologies and Services
KOKOJOONon-alcoholic beverages
LE LABO DUMOULINNon-alcoholic beverages
LE MAGICIEN BIONon-alcoholic beverages
MAISON WACOLSGrocery products
MALOUEquipment, Technologies and Services
MALTIVORGrocery products
MIXOLOGNon-alcoholic beverages
ONAMI FOODSDelicatessen, Ready to Eat
ORBISKEquipment, Technologies and Services
OSCONon-alcoholic beverages
OUSIA Non-alcoholic beverages
PAPAPEROFruits and vegetables
PROASISConfectionery, biscuits and pastry
PROFILEPRINTEquipment, Technologies and Services
QUARKWERKDairy products, eggs
RRS – RETAIL ROBOTICS SOLUTIONSEquipment, Technologies and Services
SENIATNAGrocery products
SHOGGANon-alcoholic beverages
SINCERAGrocery products
SOOKIESConfectionery, biscuits and pastry
STOKELPEquipment, Technologies and Services
TINY BIRDConfectionery, biscuits and pastry
TRAZABLEEquipment, Technologies and Services
UZAJEEquipment, Technologies and Services
VEGEPAILLEEquipment, Technologies and Services
WAWAAH WATER!Non-alcoholic beverages
WIKIFARMEREquipment, Technologies and Services
YESWELABEquipment, Technologies and Services

According to Audrey Ashworth, SIAL Paris Director, the show’s 60th anniversary will mean an innovative presentation of the Start-Up village: ” We are reinforcing the Start-Up hub and are creating a new experience exploring product innovations,” she affirmed.

The Start-up Village is open to those which are reinventing the restaurant business or targeting manufacturers by accompanying them, for example, on their zero waste policy. Start-ups that respond to the challenges of food delivery will also be present as well as those which innovate in the retail sector.

Exhibitors will enjoy increased visibility over the event’s five days. This is a unique opportunity to create business opportunities and to gain recognition.

More information is available here.

(Top photo: village startup 2022 SIAL Paris)

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