SIAL Paris 2022 #OwnTheChange is now more than ever the must-see event of the year for the food industry.

June 27, 2022

With its hashtag and slogan SIAL Paris 2022 #OwnTheChange is now more than ever the must-see event of the year for the food industry. The 2022 edition of SIAL has become an unmissable event for the food sector.

This year’s show promises to be exceptional, not only because it’s returning after being forced to take a two-year break but because it’s looking to stay in tune with the latest trends and how the industry, as well as consumers, are behaving given the extremely difficult global context.

During this period of transition, reinvention and global social responsibility, SIAL Paris wishes more than ever to become a meeting point which unites and inspires the food ecosystem around the major transformations it is currently undergoing.

SIAL Paris is therefore asserting itself as the key event for the entire international food industry. It will also be the first global event since Covid to be held face-to-face. “We are very satisfied with the sector’s response. We have already reached 95% of the size of our 2018 edition. Although some important players in the agri-food sector, like China and Russia will be absent, we have many newcomers, in particular from Africa, such as Kenya, who will be attending for the first time”, explains Nicolas Trentesaux, General Manager of SIAL.

The show will be particularly important for the industry, given it is taking place against the backdrop of multiple crises, including Covid, environmental tensions, the Russia/Ukraine war weighing on supplies, inflation and last but not least, soaring raw material and energy prices.

There are also behavioural changes which have been accelerated by the Covid crisis, according to Audrey Ashworth, Director of SIAL Paris. “Lockdowns have transformed consumer expectations and generated a crisis of awareness regarding the limits of the planet’s resources. In this evolving and turbulent context, SIAL Paris wants to play the role of a pathfinder and position itself as a compass for the food industry,” she adds.

OwnTheChange, an ongoing theme

In keeping with the theme “OwnTheChange” which was first launched in 2020, the trade show continues to emphasise evolution and mutation. It sheds light on the need for a global food transition, changing consumer habits, the steps towards more environmentally friendly and animal-friendly agriculture and processing, as well as new start-ups and business models.

“With #OwnTheChange, SIAL Paris 2022 transcends product innovation. We will always need to eat, which is why agriculture and agri-food are the sectors of the future. However, the changes which lie ahead are significant and the challenges immense. Food sufficiency will necessarily require innovation with new paradigms – producing more while polluting less, exploring new sources of supply and moving towards greater transparency,” Trentesaux says.

The 2022 edition therefore aims to bring together, animate, inspire, drive and guide the entire industry through this new context, while at the same time celebrating the creativity of its players. “We are the bridge between gastronomy and agri-food. This is why we always appoint a prestigious sponsor, a personality committed to this approach. This year, it will be the three-star chef Mauro Colagreco. His restaurant has been voted the best in the world, he grows his own vegetables using permaculture, works with local producers and his multicultural profile means he ticks all the boxes,” stresses Ashworth.

Areas which are not-to-be missed

Once again, SIAL Paris will offer a number of areas with different themes: SIAL Innovation; SIAL Start-Up; SIAL Talks; SIAL La Cuisine and Future Lab.

With SIAL Innovation, the show has established itself as a trendsetter, providing visitors with expert and up-to-date content on innovation and market developments worldwide. It may be described as a window into the future, a place where invention, transition, re-invention and foresight are discussed.

For the first time, the SIAL Start-Up area will host nearly 100 start-ups which are movers and shakers within the food ecosystem. Visitors will be able to discover young companies, whose vision is closely aligned with the ethos of “Owning The Change”. The SIAL Talks area will be the place for exchanges and cross-expert views on current and future issues, while SIAL la Cuisine will highlight gastronomy and food with a VIP restaurant and plenty of culinary activities. Finally, the SIAL Future Lab will take visitors to the heart of food trends up to 2030. This immersive experience will deal with the major trends, from the earth to the plate, over the coming decades. Three events will focus on agriculture 2030, retail 2030 and dishes 2030.

The show will definitely be the must-attend event of 2022. It will outline the prospects of an agro-food sector in full evolution, or rather, in full revolution…

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