September 29, 2021

SIAL, one of the world’s biggest food and beverage exhibitions, is looking forward to staging SIAL Shanghai 2022 next year May 18-20. The hosted press conference on 23rd September 2021 well ahead of the main event was a success.

The exhibition will feature themed halls for leisure food, imported food, convenience food, high-end beverages, meat and frozen food, grains, oil and condiments, and dairy and health products.

About 4,500 exhibitors from around 40 countries are expected to present more than 300,000 products at the show.

As well as the exhibition, it is expected that SIAL Shanghai 2022 will host the World Food Industry Summit at the same time. Hundreds of global food and beverage industry leaders from China, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden and other countries and regions will jointly discuss “Integrating Change-Global Conspiracy and win-win under the smart chain” topic. At the same time, the SIAL 2022 International Food Exhibition (Shanghai) will continue to open the “China-Europe Geographical Indication Product Exhibition Area,” according to speakers at the conference.

In addition, SIAL Shanghai 2022 will provide exhibitors with a number of business value-added services to help companies obtain intuitive economic benefits, enhance the company’s image, and enhance the awareness of brand products and services.


Speaking at the press conference, exhibitor representative, Zhu Zhang, Deputy General Manager of COFCO Investment Co., Ltd., said: “COFCO has successfully received high-quality buyers through SIAL and established contacts with many outstanding partners in the global industry. Importing Made for China is very important to open up.”

Li Yue, CEO of SIAL China International Food Exhibition, added: “With a 57-year brand history, SIAL has formed the brand impression of “Global Exhibition Quality Assurance” and “World Leading Food Exhibition” globally, and has become one of the most influential international food exhibitions in the world.

“With 22 years of successful experience in organizing exhibitions in China, the French Gaomei Aibo Exhibition Group has continued to enhance SIAL’s brand value and innovative genes-“SIAL China Series International Food Exhibition” came into being.”


Fu Longcheng, vice chairman of the China General Chamber of Commerce, said that the Federation will carry out multi-level cooperation with SIAL to continuously improve food-related industry standards, continue to promote the development of China’s economy and global food trade, and provide new development opportunities for enterprises.

Elaine Chia, CEO of the French event organizer Comexposium Group Asia Pacific, continued: “SIAL will continue to do everything possible to build a global platform to display new products, promote exchanges, spread culture, and constantly adapt to new changes.
“In addition, SIAL will also play an important role in the Chinese market, witness industrial development, lead the consumption of high-quality food and beverage products, promote domestic and foreign cooperation, and accelerate industrial transformation in the Chinese market.”

Yan Libing, director of the Membership Development Department of the China Chamber of International Commerce, said that based on the consensus on the goal of promoting the process of economic globalization, the China Chamber of International Commerce and SIAL organizers have formed a cooperative partnership. “The China International Chamber of Commerce will make full use of its member resources and overseas channels to provide support for SIAL to expand the international market, assist exhibitors to promote overseas business, and support important exhibitions and forums organized by SIAL.”

SIAL International Food Exhibition is held every year in Paris, Shanghai, Shenzhen, New Delhi and Jakarta.

The Sial Shanghai press conference, was a great success, with more than 60 top media representatives, and several government officials were in attendance to support the organisation. Xinhua News, China’s official media, livestreamed the whole press conference.

According to SIAL Shanghai, the press conference alone has racked up two million views alone, while an article from Xinhua News, had reached 1.06 million clicks at the time of publication.

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