Bonchon unveils its Yangnyeom sauce

October 17, 2023

Bonchon, famous for its Korean-style fried chicken, adds a new string to its culinary bow with the introduction of Yangnyeom sauce.

This sauce, emblematic of Korean cuisine, skilfully blends sweetness and spices, while adding nuances of garlic and soy. It follows in the footsteps of Bonchon’s emblematic sauces, such as Spicy and Soy Garlic, but adds a whole new taste dimension. Bonchon’s Chef Jae Park describes this creation as “capturing the essence of Korean flavours, offering a perfect balance of gentle heat, making it a bold and authentic addition to our range of sauces.”

Credit: Pexel-pixabay

Bonchon offers a culinary Voyage to Korea

Yangnyeom sauce reflects a tradition, a culture and a culinary history according to the company. It aims to invite guests on a gustatory journey, allowing them to discover or rediscover the authentic flavours of Korea, without leaving their home.

Innovation serving tradition

Bonchon, with the introduction of Yangnyeom sauce, has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation while remaining true to its Korean roots. It is this combination of authenticity and modernity that makes Bonchon a benchmark in Asian fusion fast food. Yangnyeom sauce represents Bonchon’s passion for Korean cuisine and its desire to share this passion with the world.

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