Shan Foods and Symrise to bring new Pakistani flavours to 230 million consumers

April 25, 2023

Global culinary brand Shan Foods in Pakistan has signed a partnership with scents and flavours house Symrise in a bid to advance taste, nutrition, and health food technology platforms in Pakistan.

The two groups aim to develop a market advantage ahead of the growth curve forecast for Pakistan over the next few years. The collaboration intends to deliver new taste solutions for leading local and global food brands.

Symrise has been operating in Pakistan for many decades. Since 2005, the company has seen double-digit growth with partners across the Middle East and the Pakistan region. Meanwhile, Shan Foods is a global culinary brand with a presence in over 75 countries.

This latest local tie-up is expected to deliver faster speed to the market for key customers, helped by a local manufacturing footprint, as well as leveraging the best of science and nature from both parties. By co-developing consumer-led concepts and taste solutions in high-growth categories, the two companies expect to build sustainable employment opportunities with backwards integration, local sourcing, and better delivery channels.

Consolidating a strong foothold

Commenting on the deal, Walter Ribeiro, Symrise’s President of Food and Beverage Europe, Africa & Middle East, said: “In the context of volatile supply chains globally, Symrise has committed to strategic partnerships. They will benefit our customers by cost-efficiently delivering brands to consumers. The next phase of our business growth with Shan Foods in Pakistan will help us consolidate our strong foothold in the Middle East and Africa. We recognise Shan Foods as a thought partner and leader in Pakistan’s food industry.”

Shan Foods
A done deal: Signing of the cooperation agreement between Shan Foods board and Sofiane Berrahmoune, Symrise Vice President, Africa and Middle East

Under the partnership, the companies will focus on developing, launching, and commercialising what they call “transformational” food products. This includes general seasonings, bouillons, processed meat, snacks, and instant noodles.

Co-chair of Shan Foods Sammer Sultan said: “We have invested in a research, development and application laboratory and a manufacturing facility with quality management systems in Pakistan. Our partnership with Symrise reinforces our position as a brand that continuously explores new ideas, drives food innovation and taste development in Pakistan.”

Pakistan’s food industry feeds 230 million consumers including a young consumer base which is rapidly urbanising, and changing key consumer behavioural trends. Convenience and authentic taste are two key trends, as is the demand for better-for-you, low in fat and salt products, and ingredients with functional benefits and provenance claims. Local sourcing takes precedence in many of these areas.

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