September 1, 2021

Noray, a company that produces shrimp from a land-based farm in Spain, has been awarded Aquaculture Stewardship Council accreditation.

The accolade for Noray comes after the company attracted more than €14 million in investment and developed a production process that it describes as fully vertically integrated.

Noray, which was set up in 2008, claims that its “zero-waste” production process results in food that is “sought by high-end restaurants and consumers that value quality while being eco-conscious”.

It says it has achieved proof of concept for its “climate-smart” shrimp, which can be scaled through the setting up of additional facilities.

Current output of white shrimp, which has the scientific name Litopenaeus vannamei, is 70 tonnes a year, but it plans to increase that figure to 25,000 tonnes by 2027.

Noray secures accreditation for its 'zero-waste' shrimp production
Noray Seafood has secured ASC accreditation for its shrimp production process.

In a statement reported by media, the company said the granting of accreditation demonstrated the company’s “commitment to responsible aquaculture and sustainability”.

“Furthermore, it represents Noray Seafood’s support to the conservation of marine biodiversity, natural resources and animal welfare, in its pursuit of a sustainable seafood solution,” the company added.

Noray said the accreditation covered a wide range of issues, including disease prevention, animal welfare and water quality. It also extends to how workers are treated and paid and relationships with neighbouring communities.

The ASC says that its accreditation now covers 1,469 farms, 2,602 suppliers and 31,765 products.

As reported by Sial Paris Newsroom, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused multiple disruptions to the global seafood industry, with exporters such as Vietnam and India affected.

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