September 20, 2022

Independent Asia Pacific spirits distributor Proof & Company has started rolling out a new patent-pending SmartKiosk technology from ecoSpirits which makes sustainable reuse of branded spirits bottles available to consumers.

In partnership with DFI Retail Group, Proof & Company – ecoSpirits’ licensed operator for Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia and New Zealand – has deployed the first SmartKiosk in CS Fresh in Tanglin Mall, with four more locations planned for launch later this year in Singapore.

Brandon Grusd: “DFI and CS Fresh should be commended for their sustainability leadership.”

The innovation represents the next step in ecoSpirits’ so-called Intelligent Circular roadmap, and the Singapore launch marks its first foray into circular packaging solutions for the retail channel.

Beyond single-use packaging

The CS Fresh kiosk will offer shoppers access to sustainable refills for a selection of craft spirit brands, including gins from the island’s own Brass Lion Distillery. Other spirits available will include: Tried & True Straight Wheat Vodka; Widges Gin; Mackintosh Blended Malt Scotch Whisky; and Los Arcos Destilado de Agave. Brand authentication is through a novel Verified Sustainable Refill feature.

Customers place their bottle under an intelligent pouring system and, using a touch screen, they can accurately refill with their favourite spirits. Each refill eliminates an average of 550g of carbon emissions and more than 700g of single-use packaging waste. Consumers will also save up to 20% on price over the same spirit in single-use packaging formats. For each refill, ecoSpirits, Proof & Company and DFI will jointly plant a tree.

Paul Gabie: “In the face of global waste and climate crisis, adaptation is a must.”

A natural fit for retailers

Proof & Company’s general manager for Southeast Asia, Brandon Grusd, said: “Having first pioneered ecoSpirits in the on-premise channel in 2018, it’s a natural fit for retailers. It is a wonderful opportunity for our brand partners such as Brass Lion Distillery and True Believers to be at the forefront of consumer innovation. DFI and CS Fresh should be commended for their sustainability leadership in pioneering such a unique shopper experience.”

Paul Gabie, CEO of ecoSpirit added: “Retail purchases make up the largest volume segment for our industry and the largest source of single-use glass waste. As such, it is incumbent upon all of us to find more sustainable ways to serve consumers. Helping shoppers adapt to novel consumption patterns is not easy, but in the face of global waste and climate crisis, adaptation is a must.”

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