Narra introduces asian-inspired oat milk tea lattes

August 3, 2023

With the Roasted Oolong, Black Tea and Strawberry Matcha lattes, Narra combines the essence of traditionally Asian flavours with the power of tea, offering a smooth and focused energy boost.

Narra founders Victoria and Miggy Reyes are on a mission to transform the latte category and introduce the vibrant Asian flavours of their childhood to a broader audience. With their Filipino heritage and assimilation into the US, Narra weaves together a tapestry of flavours that celebrate a modernised approach to cultural drink traditions. Unlike latte brands that rely on coffee, Narra boldly embraces tea as the foundation of their innovative creations. This unique approach sets them apart, breathing new life into the beverage industry and filling a significant gap.

Rediscovering the joy of tea lattes

Narra invites us to embrace a latte experience that defies conventions by choosing tea as its muse. Offering a departure from the ordinary, Narra’s lattes come in three distinct flavors:

  1. Roasted Oolong Milk Tea (50 mg caffeine): The floral and slightly fruity taste of roasted oolong, expertly blended with rich oat milk. This not-too-sweet everyday escape is perfect for those seeking a refreshing and balanced beverage.
  2. Black Milk Tea Latte (60 mg caffeine): The rich and malty notes of black tea harmoniously balance with creamy oat milk. This black tea-boosted latte delivers a light and refreshing experience, making your daily breaks even more enjoyable.
  3. Strawberry Matcha Latte (70 mg caffeine): The delightful combination of sweet and slightly tart strawberries mixed with with the earthy, nutty, and subtle notes of matcha. This harmonious blend creates a unique flavour profile that is perfect for any time of day.

A celebration of culture and community

Narra’s founders, Victoria and Miggy Reyes, emphasise the importance of celebrating cultures and communities through their innovative beverage creations. Their vision was inspired by the question: Why haven’t our favourite childhood flavours grown up with us? With Narra, they seek to instill nostalgic joy in those familiar with these flavours while sparking curiosity and conversation among those new to them. Narra allows everyone to celebrate the diverse communities and cuisines that these flavours represent.

Availability and ordering

Starting today, Narra’s newly launched oat milk tea lattes are available for shipping across the United States through their website, Customers can choose between 12-packs of individual flavours or indulge in the convenient Variety Pack, which allows them to explore the full range of Narra’s flavours.

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