Cargill extends award-winning regenerative agriculture to Europe

May 26, 2023

Cargill RegenConnect has its eyes set on Europe following its successful implementation of regenerative agriculture in North America over the past two years

The programme will now reach France, Germany, Poland, and Romania, while also adding nine additional states across the United States.

By leveraging its distinct position in the supply chain, Cargill is at the forefront of introducing its award-winning regenerative agriculture programme in Europe. The project aims to provide financial incentives to farmers in Germany, Poland, Romania, and France, encouraging them to adopt environmentally-friendly farming practices.

Cargill RegenConnect will also extend its reach from 15 to 24 states in the United States, introducing the programme to new territories such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas. The updates will offer increased payments to US farmers, encompass a broader range of commodities including cotton, and enhance the convenience and accessibility of enrolment through mobile devices.

In addition to receiving positive feedback from both growers and customers, Cargill RegenConnect has been acknowledged by the esteemed 2023 Edison Awards for its innovative approach in creating a more resilient and secure food system. This expansion signifies Cargill’s unwavering commitment to assisting farmers in adopting sustainable agricultural practices throughout their global supply chain, rooted in the belief that transformative change commences at the farm level.

Chantelle Donahue, Vice President of North America Agriculture Supply Chain at Cargill, affirms that companies like Cargill play a crucial role in enabling farmers worldwide to economically implement sustainable practices.

This approach empowers agriculture and farmers to contribute to climate solutions by reducing emissions, improving water quality and usage, increasing yields, and fortifying soil resilience for future generations. Cargill’s overarching vision is to establish regenerative agriculture as a commonplace practice across its global supply chain, empowering farmers to produce food sustainably while simultaneously boosting profitability and resilience.

At its core, Cargill RegenConnect is a voluntary, market-based regenerative agriculture programme that facilitates farmers in enhancing soil health and decarbonising the agricultural supply chain.

Participating farmers have the flexibility to select practices that align with their specific growing conditions, including the cultivation of cover crops and the implementation of reduced- or no-till farming methods. These practices effectively sequester carbon in the soil, bolster soil resilience, and improve water quality.

In addition to offering comprehensive technical support and resources to ensure the success of enrolled farmers, the program provides an environmental market opportunity. Participants can connect with major corporations actively seeking to reduce their environmental footprint while simultaneously supporting regenerative agriculture.

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