Fresh Up Your Life! campaign: promoting fresh and healthy products

June 16, 2023

Fresh Up Your Life! is a European project aimed at promoting fresh and healthy products in the fruit and vegetable sector. It brings together Lagnasco Group, Oranfrizer, Origine Group, and Salvi-Unacoa in a joint effort to raise consumer awareness about the importance of fresh produce in a healthy diet. The campaign has achieved remarkable results, especially considering the challenges faced by Italian exports in 2022.

Through press office and social media communication activities, the campaign reached over 11 billion readers. Tasting sessions and in-store promotions alone directly engaged 1 million consumers and indirectly reached more than 3 million individuals.

These achievements are even more significant considering the difficulties experienced by Italian exports. Climate change effects have severely impacted the production of seasonal fruits and vegetables, while the political situation has led to increased prices for raw materials and energy costs.

Nevertheless, the Fresh Up Your Life! campaign has persisted with integrated online and offline actions, aimed at engaging consumers and highlighting the high standards applied in European Union production methods. The project’s fruit and vegetable products serve as a testament to these standards of quality.

Elisa Macchi, director of CSO Italy, describes Fresh Up Your Life! as an innovative project for the fruit and vegetable sector, placing emphasis on sustainability, transparency, and traceability in the supply chain. The campaign aims to promote high-quality, nutritious, and healthy products in the United States and the United Arab Emirates, two distinct markets that share an interest in these aspects.

In its second year, the project’s goal is to further increase its impact. Activities will be expanded through collaborations with various influencers and the organization of events targeting consumers, the press, and industry professionals. Point-of-sale activities will continue, and the campaign will be present at major trade shows throughout the season. The promotional focus will remain on fresh fruits and vegetables, including kiwis, apples, pears, plums, blood oranges, and processed products – the perfect ingredients for a healthy lifestyle!

In conclusion, the Fresh Up Your Life! campaign has achieved remarkable success in promoting fresh and healthy products in the fruit and vegetable sector. Despite challenges faced by Italian exports, the campaign has reached billions of readers and engaged millions of consumers. With a focus on sustainability and quality, Fresh Up Your Life! continues to make a positive impact in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. As the campaign enters its second year, efforts will be intensified to expand its reach and impact.

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