ProtéinesXTC reveals future directions in Agri-Food

May 3, 2024

Between emerging trends and sustainable partnerships, Anne Claire Petitcol and Xavier Terlet decipher the future of food.

In a constantly evolving sector, ProtéinesXTC is at the forefront of global food trends. Anne Claire Petitcol, Sales Development Manager, and Xavier Terlet, Senior Innovations Advisor, share their analyses of the industry’s key innovations and current challenges. From the push for plant-based products to the need to innovate in the face of increasingly informed consumers, find out how these trends are shaping the food industry of tomorrow, and how SIAL Paris continues to play a key role in highlighting these developments.

What are the main trends ProtéinesXTC is seeing in the food industry this year?

Anne Claire Petitcol: For SIAL 2018, our press kit was entitled “du bon, du vrai, du sens”. We were observing a significant growth in transitional offerings, highlighting naturalness, product safety, and a marked development in ecological and socially responsible promises. These trends are still very much with us today, and have a strong influence on the current offering. Since then, Covid and inflation have changed consumer behaviour, with food prices rising by around 20% over the last two years. Vegetables have taken a quantum leap forward, and we are also seeing the emergence of trends such as a reduced carbon footprint and a more affordable offer.

How are these trends influencing the strategies of companies in the sector?

Xavier Terlet: It varies from company to company. Some place innovation at the heart of their strategy, anticipating and adapting to consumer evolutions, while others are following established trends. Innovation is essential to a company’s survival, as many of the products on the shelves today didn’t exist 5 years ago, and this will continue to change in the years to come.

Can you explain the concept and importance of the ProtéinesXTC innovation barometer?

Anne Claire Petitcol: Since 1995, our firm has been publishing the Global Food Innovation Barometer. This study reviews all food product categories, providing food for thought and perspective on trends. The 2024 edition has just been published, and is historically used by SIAL to decode innovation for visitors to the show. It is based on an analysis of all global food innovations, using our “NewFoodData ProtéinesXTC” database.

What were the main findings of the latest ProtéinesXTC innovation barometer?

Xavier Terlet: We observed a slight increase in the number of innovations after a significant drop in 2022, a drop in organic supply due to too much supply compared to demand, and inflation impacting purchasing power. Pleasure-oriented supply has also risen sharply.

How can companies use the results of the barometer to improve their products or services?

Anne Claire Petitcol: The barometer is a unique tool for understanding market dynamics and identifying new drivers for innovation. It serves as a basis for structuring companies’ innovation strategies on a global scale.

You also highlight health-related innovations, such as natural and plant-based products. What new challenges and opportunities does this present for the industry?

Anne Claire Petitcol: The potential is immense. Consumers want to guarantee pleasure without risk, and they are increasingly informed not only by manufacturers but also by trusted third parties. Manufacturers have to adapt to these over-informed consumers. The challenge is to innovate in plant-based products, without limiting ourselves to producing meat or dairy substitutes.

Can you tell us more about your partnership with SIAL?

Xavier Terlet: We have had a partnership for 28 years. Together, we created the SIAL Innovation operation in 1996. SIAL and our firm have grown and evolved together, mutually enriching our activities with professionalism and pleasure.

What specific advantages does SIAL offer the food industry?

Anne Claire Petitcol: SIAL is the food world’s compass, setting the tone for market trends. It’s a crucial place for discussions, meetings and, above all, business.

Can you share an experience or an outstanding memory of your participation in previous editions of SIAL?

Xavier Terlet: In 28 years, there have been many memorable moments. I’m thinking in particular of the Innovation Awards, which are always a joyful and moving moment. It’s also seeing the market success of these innovative products a few years later that remains engraved in my memory.

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