May 5, 2022

Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits is poised for success with the launch of its premium ready-to-drink cocktail brand in the United States.

The female-led and owned brand is launching an array of ready-to-drink cocktails, each tied to one or more celebrity founding partner.

Each recipe derives from Michelin star calibre cocktails made from fresh and all-natural ingredients, with high-proof distilled spirit bases.

CEO Cara Kamenev has built an elite team of founding partners, harnessing the power of some of today’s most recognised global celebrities. Each have curated their own distinct craft cocktail for the launch:

Sarah Jessica ParkerThe Perfect Cosmo
John CenaThe Classic Old Fashioned
Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson and Vanessa HudgensThe Margalicious Margarita 
Playboi CartiThe Hardscatto

“With the help of our celebrity partners, each flavour profile was meticulously crafted and demanded the highest standards in taste, quality and sophistication,” Thomas Ashbourne CEO, Cara Kamenev, said.

“We’re here to dispel the myth that bespoke, high-end cocktails can only be enjoyed in certain settings, by certain people. Our brand will provide consumers a high-quality beverage comparable only to the best bar-made cocktails that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.”

Thomas Ashbourne
Sarah Jessica Parker’s Cosmo includes fresh cranberry and lime. Credit: Jennifer Pallian / Unsplash

The Collection

The Thomas Ashbourne collection is said to ‘exude the sophisticated characteristics of its taste-making celebrity partners’. Each famous founder was instrumental in developing their signature cocktail’s flavour profile and personality, based on their individual tastes and the style they are known for.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘The Perfect Cosmo’ is an iconic pairing which offers a modern twist on the classic Cosmopolitan. A well-heeled mixture of cranberry, aromas of freshly squeezed lime and hints of strawberry with a premium vodka and triple sec base, for a sweet, yet perfectly balanced finish.

“We took the process very seriously, tasting different recipes, exploring a variety of ingredients, and seeing how flavours can come together like art,” said co-founder Sarah Jessica Parker said. “This particular cocktail, while being closely associated to a well-known character I’ve played for many years, is also a personal favourite in my own life. I hope others find it as enjoyable and refreshing as we do.

“I’ve tasted some pretty extraordinary cocktails over the years and in my travels, but our Thomas Ashbourne Perfect Cosmo is up there among the very best.” 

Meanwhile the Classic Old Fashioned cocktail reflects the combination of wrestler and actor John Cena’s larger than life persona and soft charm. Smooth, premium bourbon whiskey is mixed with sweet Maplewood, aromas of caramel and notes of bright orange bitters.

“To me, the Thomas Ashbourne brand vision is to be the worlds most trusted bartender,” co-founder, John Cena, said.

Actresses and real-life friends Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson and Vanessa Hudgens celebrate coming together with The Margalicious Margarita. Full of freshly squeezed limes, pure sea salt and hints of orange zest with a premium tequila and triple sec liqueur base, the refreshing Margarita pairs crisp citrus-forward notes with bright agave.

Rapper and cultural icon Playboi Carti reimagines the wine category with The Hardscatto. This hard spirit cocktail is crafted with premium vodka and natural flavours of Muscat Blanc Grapes, peach, apricot, and elderflower.  

Let’s Talk Business

Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits is built to be sustainable at the core through its production process and philanthropic commitments.

At launch, it has already garnered accolades within the beverage industry, including the Double Gold from the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition for The Perfect Cosmo.

Thomas Ashbourne cocktails will have an average RSP of $15.99 (€15.17) per 375ml bottle and $25.99 for a 200ml four pack cans, available for purchase from this month in CA, TX, IL, FL, WA, NY and rolling out nationally later this summer. All four Thomas Ashbourne branded cocktails are kosher certified and gluten free with a premium spirit base that ranges from 20-25% ABV.

The launch is well-timed as the market for RTD cocktails is on the path for growth, as reported recently on SIAL Paris Newsroom.

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