April 26, 2022

Indoor horticulture equipment and technology specialist, Vivosun has unveiled its latest generation of proprietary smart technology, the Vivosun Smart Grow System, which it hopes will “empower growers of any skill level in a way that hasn’t been seen before in the industry”.

The system comprises the Vivosun GrowHub Controller, that allows users to control all of the environmental systems at work, the 2022 Red Dot Product Design Winner AeroLight, which Vivosun says is the world’s first-ever LED grow light with a completely integrated circulatory fan, and the AeroZesh, a fully programmable in-line duct fan.

The entire system is controllable through the new Vivosun App, the company says, which allows growers to easily manage their growth, from anywhere in the world.

These are the first in a coming line of smart products for the Internet of Things designed by the company that simplify the science of being a grower down to a manageable yet powerful level for everyone, regardless of experience.

Chief brand officer Nick Dew commented: “The GrowHub and App empower growers of any skill level in a way that hasn’t been seen before in the industry. It allows seamless communication between the environmental equipment — ventilation, lights, and circulation systems — and collects, organizes, and uses data to establish a baseline that protects plants while also bringing them through all stages of growth, from seed to harvest, automatically. Growers will now have the freedom to grow high quality plants how they choose with ease.”

GrowHub Controller and app

At the heart of the system is The Vivosun GrowHub Controller and app. The GrowHub Controller is the first complete system that monitors, reacts, and balances a grow space environment automatically, the company claims.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it is Wi-Fi-enabled and syncs to an app on any cell phone. The app is able to alert growers to problematic changes in the grow space and to make alterations to the environment automatically, based upon expert-grower-designed “Grow Recipes,” or upon Grow Recipes designed by end users themselves.

It controls everything that creates a good Grow Recipe including light intensity, light spectrum, ventilation airflow, ventilation timing, and air circulation that are entirely customisable, Vivosun says.

In addition, the Smart Grow System logs and organises localised environmental data – from temperature to humidity to data on lighting – that is extremely useful for growers of all experience levels to diagnose problems and to define the perfect indoor growing environment.



The second product in the Smart Grow System line-up is the 2022 Red Dot Product Design Winner AeroLight (patent pending), said to be the first-ever LED grow light with an integrated high-efficiency circulation fan.

The AeroLight is a full-spectrum, fully programmable LED grow light that uses the newest Samsung 301B diodes that emphasize blue, red, UV and far-red spectrum for efficient plant and flower growth, Vivosun says.

Built into the centre of the system is a powerful circulation fan — positioned directly above the canopy, the AeroLight promises to create uniform airflow, balancing humidity and temperature, increasing CO2 exposure, improving transpiration rates and photosynthesis.

The system was designed to make growing easier and more fun for everyone, regardless of experience. AeroLight grow lights are fully programmable with the Vivosun GrowHub so growers can establish light intensity, program photoperiods, and even mimic natural wind and sunrises and sunsets inside their tent.

The GrowHub Controller extends control over the fan as well, which is built with dual ball bearings for quiet operation and longer life of 70,000 hours.

This latest generation of smart grow lights also features an H-bracket (patent pending) that helps connect and extend the AeroLight system from 100W to 400W across a larger space so growers can link multiple AeroLights together to cover any size grow space.


The final release for the Smart Grow System is the AeroZesh, the company’s smart inline duct fan. Like the AeroLight, the AeroZesh is compatible with the GrowHub and is covered in the Grow Recipe programming. The GrowHub automatically measures environmental changes and controls the AeroZesh to optimize temperature, humidity, and airflow for indoor growing, or it can be programmed independently for unique environmental conditions required by each grower.

The Vivosun Smart Grow System is an ecosystem of products that are designed as the next generation of growing, the company said in a press release. It will continue to release new specialised smart products that are a part of the Internet of Things to make growing more accessible and enjoyable for growers, new and experienced alike.

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