SIAL Innovation as seen by Nicolas Ricau, Co-owner and Sales and Marketing Director, L’étuverie

February 13, 2024

Within the SIAL trade fair, a dedicated SIAL Innovation a trendsetter, provides visitors with expert and up-to-date content on innovation and market developments worldwide. It is one of the major events that will re-enchant your experience. A place where invention, transition, re-invention and foresight are discussed. While registration for the competition opens on February 21, 2024, Nicolas Ricau, winner of two awards, talks about SIAL Innovation. 

SIAL Innovation was created back to 1996. It is the place to talk invention, transition, re-invention and foresight. For visitors, it’s an immersion in food consumption trends from all over the world. But it’s also a plunge into the future. This global observatory of food innovation is offered in partnership with Protéines XTC.

SIAL Innovation as seen by Nicolas Ricau, Co-owner and Sales and Marketing Director, L'étuverie
Nicolas Ricau (left on the picture) and Fabien Candelon, L’étuverie (Photo:

A portrait of Nicolas Ricau, winner of the Bio & Organic sector award and the Jury’s Favourite award at SIAL Innovation 2020.

For Nicolas Ricau, Co-owner and Sales and Marketing Director, L’étuverie, testifies to the importance of SIAL Innovation. L’étuverie is based in the heart of the Southwest of France, in the Gascogne region. The company markets organic black garlic, obtained by steaming white garlic in a closed environment. The black garlic idea came from a trip to China that Nicolas Ricau did back in 2019 with the other co-founder of L’étuverie, Fabien Candelon.

The originality of the production earned Ricau two prizes and two nominations at SIAL Innovation. He explains how these awards had an effect on his business.

You took part in SIAL Paris in the past. How did the show work out for you?

” We participated to SIAL Paris and were rewarded with 2 prizes in 2020. We also were again nominated at SIAL Innovation 2022 for our mustard and black garlic brew. ”

Did you experience a “SIAL Innovation” effect?

” We still display these 2 awards as part of our corporate signature as well as on all of our brochures. It is indeed a real recognition, acknowledged by our customers in France and abroad.”

What has made your brand so successful?

” We strive to make black garlic known to as many people as possible, as a gourmet product that is also excellent for the health of consumers. To do this, we are developing an ever-expanding range of organic black garlic products. We commercialise not only black garlic in the form of a whole bulb or in clove but also organic black garlic-flavoured honey, beer, a brew or mustard as well as a liquid extract. We now look through equity crowdfunding to acquire our own beehives to produce our honey. ”

How have you developed your business model?

” Today we export to Europe and beyond. Our customer portfolio is expanding and diversifying, and many manufacturers and processors are now looking to develop black garlic recipes.”

Looking back, what do you remember about your experience at SIAL Paris?

” The SIAL atmosphere and organisation are a very pleasant experience. I hope that this year will be as successful as 2022. I expect to meet a wide variety of quality visitors at SIAL 2024. ”

SIAL Innovation as seen by Nicolas Ricau, Co-owner and Sales and Marketing Director, L'étuverie
SIAL Innovation space at SIAL Paris 2022 (Photo: SIAL Paris)

How to participate to SIAL Innovation 2024?

If, like Nicolas and Fabien, you’re exhibiting at SIAL Paris and want to to showcase your new products, benefit from unrivalled visibility and increase business opportunities: take part in SIAL Innovation! Registration is opening on February 21, 2024. To participate and learn more about the SIAL innovation awards, click here

To watch the video, click here.

(Photos: SIAL Paris- edition 2022)

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