July 5, 2022

Ultra-premium rum brand, Flor de Caña, is joining forces with eco-conscious bars, restaurants and consumers around the world to help reduce food waste in July through its Zero Waste Cocktails campaign.

The aim is to cut up to 15 tons of waste by serving up cocktails made with the sustainably produced rum plus ingredients derived from repurposed food scraps or leftovers from the local community.

Flor de Caña
Flor de Caña’s Zero Waste Cocktails initiative is in its second year.

This is the second year that Flor de Caña, a carbon neutral and Fair Trade-certified brand, is running the campaign, this time with a focus on the bartending community in Europe. There will be interactive social media campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of reducing food waste and an invitation to consumers to be part of the wider cause of building a greener future “one sustainable cocktail at a time”.

The Flor de Caña-based cocktails will be available at participating venues where the brand hopes the owners/management will adopt the initiative well after July, thereby leading to meaningful sustainable practices being implemented in their everyday operations. As part of the campaign, Flor de Caña has again partnered with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) which promotes sustainability within the foodservice industry.

Sustainable bar handbook and masterclasses

Flor de Caña will offer participating SRA venues a practical sustainable bar handbook and sustainability masterclasses with industry experts. “We’re proud to continue in partnership with Flor de Caña on the Zero Waste Cocktails campaign,” said Juliane Caillouette-Noble, managing director of the SRA. “It excites and engages thousands of bar staff and customers globally on an issue of huge importance.”

Countries in Europe where the Zero Waste Cocktails campaign is active include Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Sweden. Consumers can visit the Zero Waste Cocktails website (www.zerowastecocktails.com) to see the list of participating bars in each country, as well as videos (see one above) of world-renowned bartenders sharing their original cocktail creations as well as practical tips to reduce food waste in daily life.

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