May 7, 2021

European leaders have hailed the results of their Seafood Tomorrow project, which aimed to improve food safety and sustainability in the sector.

Key outcomes of the European Union initiative, which concluded last month [April] after four years, include the creation of aquafeed based on “sustainable, eco-friendly natural ingredients” in place of fishmeal and fish oil.

Another result has been the development of certification and labelling methods, and a DNA-based approach to seafood species identification, to cut down on fraud.

Horizon 2020, an EU scheme to make the 27-member bloc more competitive and innovative, funded Seafood Tomorrow, which involved more than 60 researchers from 35 partner organisations.

In a statement from the European Commission, António Marques, Seafood Tomorrow’s Project Coordinator, said the results of the scheme would cut the seafood sector’s environmental footprint and promote sustainable use of marine resources.

“We expect our eco-innovative solutions will soon reach the market and will enable society to continue to enjoy seafood as a safe and nutritious food source,” he said.

“Some of our solutions require industry level validation. When this is achieved, we are confident that the results will help the seafood industry to navigate future societal challenges, contribute to the European Green Deal, circular economy and zero waste in the seafood sector.”

Among other things, Seafood tomorrow also developed a web-based training course to improve education in the industry, and developed new technologies to detect contaminants in seafood, something that organisers hope will help the industry to reduce product losses.

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